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EU-Outland Realm Ranking

PvP Realm

Guild Rankings

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1LENG SQUAD (r)58910/11 (M)
2Delta Squad8089/11 (M)
3Under Reprisal (r)10449/11 (M)
4Unified (r)16197/11 (M)
5Until The End (r)16207/11 (M)
6Annex20066/11 (M)
7SEMPER IDEM (r)21966/11 (M)
8No Surrender (r)22576/11 (M)
9Dont Release23636/11 (M)
10The Journey (r)27955/11 (M)
11The Eternal31175/11 (M)
12Nocturnal40473/11 (M)
13Sempiternal41163/11 (M)
14Disruptive (r)42933/11 (M)
15Hüljatud43603/11 (M)
16Chorus Caprarum (r)44423/11 (M)
17Paradoxis47892/11 (M)
18Why must i cry48652/11 (M)
19Broyz50212/11 (M)
20For Loot and Glory50332/11 (M)
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