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EU-Outland Realm Ranking

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1LENG SQUAD (r)5364/11 (M)
2Under Reprisal (r)14562/11 (M)
3Delta Squad16632/11 (M)
4Until The End (r)16862/11 (M)
5Annex (r)18502/11 (M)
6Nocturnal (r)22041/11 (M)
7Sempiternal22831/11 (M)
8No Surrender (r)23191/11 (M)
9Dont Release (r)23541/11 (M)
10Unified (r)25151/11 (M)
11SEMPER IDEM (r)25851/11 (M)
12Why must i cry25941/11 (M)
13For Loot and Glory (r)3008 11/11 (H)
14The Eternal3163 11/11 (H)
15Full Throttle (r)3356 11/11 (H)
16Hüljatud3476 11/11 (H)
17Paradoxis (r)3828 10/11 (H)
18Hilja3883 10/11 (H)
19Riksdagen4270 9/11 (H)
20Guardians of the G..4516 8/11 (H)
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