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EU-Silvermoon Realm Ranking

PvE Realm

Guild Rankings

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21GameHonor (r)13079/11 (M)
22Death and Glory13549/11 (M)
23Bad Alts (r)16429/11 (M)
24Kingsguard (r)16859/11 (M)
25The Mighty Few16919/11 (M)
26Justify (r)16949/11 (M)
27Flex Army (r)17029/11 (M)
28Dhadgars Basement (r)18099/11 (M)
29Conclave (r)18129/11 (M)
30Lobsters of Spice .. (r)18169/11 (M)
31Meridies (r)18878/11 (M)
32Dacian Wolves (r)18928/11 (M)
33Goldshire Bowling .. (r)19438/11 (M)
34Anathema (r)19728/11 (M)
35Go Defensive (r)20378/11 (M)
36The Alternative20558/11 (M)
37NOcriminality20768/11 (M)
38Ebonheart (r)20818/11 (M)
39Carpe Noctem (r)21238/11 (M)
40GameHønør (r)21777/11 (M)


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