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EU-Stormscale Mythic Progress

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1CyaThursday (r)329/9 (M)
2Amused to Death1589/9 (M)
3Vex Thal (r)2109/9 (M)
4Deposit Coin2899/9 (M)
5Baboon Squad4669/9 (M)
6Oh Crit (r)6789/9 (M)
7Erased (r)9069/9 (M)
8Rat Pack9559/9 (M)
9Warfare9589/9 (M)
10Disciples Reborn (r)9609/9 (M)
11A Steamy Romance N..14698/9 (M)
12Pod Gaming16548/9 (M)
13Questionable Outcome (r)18317/9 (M)
14Gibb20347/9 (M)
15Seraphim21906/9 (M)
16Den Danske Loge21986/9 (M)
17Potassium22756/9 (M)
18Nephilim24835/9 (M)
19Vindication25415/9 (M)
20Outzydaz25455/9 (M)
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