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EU-Terokkar Realm Ranking

PvE Realm


RankGuildProgressWorld RankCriteria
21League of Champions (10)5/5 (normal) +Ony408495.83
22Strength and Honour5/5 (normal) +Ony425345.54
23Virtue5/5 (normal) +Ony435435.39
24Den Danske Guild (recruiting)5/5 (normal) +Ony438535.30
25Bratrstvo Oceli (10)5/5 (normal) +Ony440135.26
26Imperishable5/5 (normal) +Ony443655.18
27Underdogs (10)5/5 (normal) +Ony451415.02
28Guild Of Honor5/5 (normal) +Ony456404.89
29Raiders of the Glomp (10)5/5 (normal) +Ony476134.43
30Nomads (10/25)5/5 (normal) +Ony476374.43
31Death Proof5/5 (normal) +Ony482634.25
32Devastation (10)5/5 (normal) +Ony482804.25
33The Old Core5/5 (normal) +Ony483464.25
34Krvavá Horda (10)5/5 (normal) +Ony509034.25
35Volatile (10)5/5 (normal) +Ony509694.25
36ExLidian5/5 (normal) +Ony510224.25
37Crimson Shinigami (10)5/5 (normal) +Ony511164.25
38Anarchy5/5 (normal) +Ony496284.25
39D y n a s t y5/5 (normal) +Ony500944.25
40Fellowship Reborn (10)2/5 (normal) +Ony514683.90


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