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EU-Thrall Realm Ranking

PvE Realm

Guild Rankings

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21Blutpakt243010/11 (M)
22Illumina24559/11 (M)
23Beasts of Prey25149/11 (M)
24Exscidium (r)25499/11 (M)
25Convicted26909/11 (M)
26GaxTV (r)29099/11 (M)
27Pulled Orc29239/11 (M)
28The Emerald Enclave29929/11 (M)
29sense (r)30439/11 (M)
30MOX (r)30569/11 (M)
31Drachengold31019/11 (M)
32Ultio35087/11 (M)
33Hail Mary35437/11 (M)
34Supremacy35957/11 (M)
35Dominant Peons (r)36417/11 (M)
36Exploited (r)36867/11 (M)
37míndset (r)37357/11 (M)
38Affinity38926/11 (M)
39Out of Range39986/11 (M)
40Lost in Progress (r)40886/11 (M)


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