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KR-Aegwynn Realm Ranking

PvP Realm


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RankGuildProgressWorld RankCriteria
1Addict (25)13/13 (H)13333116.67
2Blitz Krieg13/13 (H)17032333.31
3X Team Raiders13/13 (H)47527650.00
4Saruher (10)12/13 (H)49227444.43
5The Supreme Raiders12/13 (H)83123866.67
6Elysium13/13 (H)88123400.00
7HEROS12/13 (H)133219394.44
8유치원10/13 (H)214213972.23
9S P E E D8/13 (H)40028344.45
10The One8/13 (H)41458105.55
11ARMADA9/13 (H)44187616.67
12Red Knight9/13 (H)45817405.56
13최강 명예6/13 (H)52656572.22
14이길드에는슬픈전설이있어6/13 (H)56856122.22
15아 무 생 각 없 음6/13 (H)59835894.44
16Guardian of Aegwynn6/13 (H)67085366.66
17알흠다훈4/13 (H)76094794.44
18원 피 스3/13 (H)110703216.67
19아제로스 군단4/13 (H)112293155.56
20유기농된장녀3/13 (H)116792988.89
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Blackwing Descent

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