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KR-Garona Realm Ranking

PvP Realm


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RankGuildProgressWorld RankCriteria
1V e n g e a n c E (25)13/13 (H)24730666.66
2EE entertainment13/13 (H)44028005.56
3Bom Tempo13/13 (H)49427394.43
4잇 힝13/13 (H)50127300.01
5전쟁13/13 (H)78524199.99
6Sniper of Darkness12/13 (H)80724044.44
7KIKI (10)12/13 (H)107121649.99
8빠른 전멸12/13 (H)122220300.01
9Reload11/13 (H)144918611.11
10The Eternity (10)12/13 (H)176316583.33
11the eclipse4/13 (H)178716444.44
12노땅연합11/13 (H)185815916.66
13응슷응10/13 (H)216513850.00
14니놈은 실망이지 말입니다10/13 (H)244412688.89
15Providence10/13 (H)263512005.56
16S T A R9/13 (H)267811816.66
17Named In GaRoNa10/13 (H)269911744.44
18비 상9/13 (H)271111716.68
19생존기 다쓰고 누우라고 이자식아6/13 (H)36848988.87
20생각하는사람들7/13 (H)45657433.34
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Blackwing Descent

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