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TW-Frostmane Realm Ranking

PvP Realm


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RankGuildProgressWorld RankCriteria
1Final Dawn (10/25)13/13 (H)13831022.24
2Dream of paradise (25)10/13 (H)60916894.45
3P R D (10/25)9/13 (H)85010522.24
4Impervious8/13 (H)12117816.66
5Sanctified Zealot (25)8/13 (H)13817100.00
6Wonderland (25)7/13 (H)18905411.10
7BloodTear6/13 (H)19085344.44
8榮耀6/13 (H)19945088.90
9聖光之刃4/13 (H)31012594.45
10Eternal Elite2/13 (H)34832122.22
11Infinity2/13 (H)34852122.22
12Nirvana2/13 (H)35232077.78
13魅影1/13 (H)43821038.89
14臥龍山莊1/13 (H)4500977.78
15風之樂章 (10/25)1/13 (H)5064511.11
17沉默森林 (10/25)8/125797103.00
18Taiwan Guts5/12646959.68
19災變之巔 (10)2/12681145.11
20歡樂英雄 (10)2/12719534.06
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