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TW-Gnomeregan Realm Ranking

PvP Realm


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RankGuildProgressWorld RankCriteria
1錵花異族 非誠勿擾13/13 (H)49227438.90
2群魔宮 (10)12/13 (H)106121644.44
3Dance of Death10/13 (H)243112538.90
4Just Gaming (25)9/13 (H)260511866.68
5Gloryland (10)9/13 (H)279111238.90
6緊急制動9/13 (H)32199955.57
7evileye8/13 (H)35959000.00
8憤怒之翼 (10/25)8/13 (H)37308711.12
9狼魂7/13 (H)40488111.11
10風雨同行7/13 (H)44637433.33
11烏 托 邦 (10/25)6/13 (H)48316922.22
12心靈 (10)7/13 (H)49476783.34
13靜海波瀾7/13 (H)50066711.11
14隨 緣 (25)7/13 (H)53326366.66
15天譴寶寶陪你玩 (10)6/13 (H)55296144.44
16表哥和表妹們的故事7/13 (H)57845938.89
17Light n darkness6/13 (H)61735627.77
18華爾街6/13 (H)62455577.77
19開心酒坊6/13 (H)65795344.44
20Play For Fun6/13 (H)70944983.34
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Blackwing Descent

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