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TW-Light's Hope Realm Ranking

PvE Realm


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RankGuildProgressWorld RankCriteria
1夢境之樹 (25)13/13 (H)4936211.10
2冰封十字軍 (25)13/13 (H)8534499.99
3Lost in Pandaria (25)7/13 (H)78424222.22
4Angel12/13 (H)179216411.13
5Arthur Knight10/13 (H)221013577.77
6Eternal Darkness10/13 (H)257112227.77
7失樂園8/13 (H)36948966.67
8UST8/13 (H)37408855.56
9向日葵幼幼班8/13 (H)43107822.22
10憧憬 (25)9/13 (H)45917388.89
11You Are Not Alone (25)8/13 (H)46547288.89
12但丁神曲8/13 (H)48287066.67
13極速巔峰 (25)7/13 (H)53026533.32
14英雄谷6/13 (H)60115866.67
15喵吼 (10/25)7/13 (H)60765811.11
16但使龍城飛將在 從此君王不早朝6/13 (H)61295761.10
17薔 薇5/13 (H)65505466.67
18萬神殿6/13 (H)66555394.44
19台灣製造6/13 (H)71515050.00
20Nethrazim DreadLords5/13 (H)75964800.00
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