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TW Guild Rankings

21來自部落的愛 (10)Icecrown12/13 (H)28750.01
22Nirvana (25)Quel'dorei13/13 (H)28405.56
23PhantomTwilighTWrathbringer13/13 (H)28294.44
24執著 (10)Deathwing12/13 (H)28222.23
25月刃 (25)Bleeding Hollow13/13 (H)27977.78
26Meteor (10/25)Warsong12/13 (H)27866.66
27Legend (10/25)Frenzyheart12/13 (H)27327.77
28BlackLabel (25)Dragonmaw10/13 (H)25183.33
29重生之地Skywall11/13 (H)24716.69
30聖冥 (25)Menethil12/13 (H)24166.68
31Delta ForceStrand of the Ancients11/13 (H)23744.43
32銀翼之手 (25)Silverwing Hold11/13 (H)23683.31
33Angelcity (25)World Tree10/13 (H)23400.00
34翡翠夢境 (25)Whisperwind11/13 (H)23161.11
35Miraculous (25)Nightsong11/13 (H)22994.43
36打副本全靠臉來滾鍵盤 (25)Nesingwary11/13 (H)22711.10
37黑手之鄉Quel'dorei11/13 (H)22516.68
38Delta ForceCrystalpine Stinger10/13 (H)22505.54
39魔都遠征軍 (25)Frenzyheart11/13 (H)22422.22
40Loktar OgarDemon Fall Canyon12/13 (H)21627.78

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    Transfer your character data after realm or name change
    1 month ago
    It is now possible to transfer your character Progress, M+, Karma data, Videos after name or realm change.

    Note: this is a temporary solution, it will be fully automatic soon

    How to transfer data after realm/name change?

    1. If possible, before changing realm/name, claim your character on WoWProgress using Sync. If you already transferred, skip this step.
    Comments: 17
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