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TW-Sundown Marsh Realm Ranking

PvP Realm


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RankGuildProgressWorld RankCriteria
1Play for Uber12/12 (H)13723383.88
2Dream On12/12 (H)59121334.46
3K O F12/12 (H)60921305.91
4神聖帝國12/12 (H)73120913.12
5Scotonight Dawn12/12 (H)94320231.32
6靈魂歸宿12/12 (H)102420005.71
7毀 滅 黎 明12/12 (H)114019616.86
8Blue eye12/12 (H)122719292.80
9CrazyFrost Empire12/12 (H)124919233.16
10Glory of the Warsong (10)12/12 (H)126119172.20
11OWL12/12 (H)133918954.46
12M o M o T e A12/12 (H)134418949.23
13HardMode12/12 (H)155018478.67
14小鬼當家12/12 (H)166918157.21
15SoF (10)12/12 (H)199017192.75
16Glory Of Tribe12/12 (H)214416766.30
17向日葵大班12/12 (H)323913815.91
18Poisson12/12 (H)418412640.19
19傲氣同心 (10/25)12/12 (H)466812075.03
20原罪12/12 (H)507211445.01
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