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TW-Sundown Marsh Realm Ranking

PvP Realm


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RankGuildProgressWorld RankCriteria
1Play for Uber13/13 (H)12333511.12
2M o M o T e A13/13 (H)49027455.55
3K O F13/13 (H)99922277.77
4一窩雞姬一家親10/13 (H)162417466.67
5靈魂歸宿11/13 (H)172516822.24
6黑手海賊團11/13 (H)216613844.45
7回歸10/13 (H)254112338.88
8戰鼓之歌10/13 (H)264511983.32
9秘密11/13 (H)268911777.78
10小鬼當家10/13 (H)278211488.88
11HardMode8/13 (H)34459577.77
12Glory of the Warsong (10)8/13 (H)36529049.99
13帝國大學五號館10/13 (H)37058955.54
14幻影一旅團9/13 (H)38248688.88
15Scotonight Dawn8/13 (H)38418661.10
16CHAOS9/13 (H)38868566.67
17Lavender Garden9/13 (H)40708250.01
18Langgiu8/13 (H)41228138.89
19弦月之龍9/13 (H)42127988.90
20Just a Game (10)7/13 (H)49316955.55
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