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US-Alexstrasza Realm Ranking

PvE Realm


RankGuildProgressWorld RankCriteria
21Subcon1/12 (H)14340110.00
22Exiled (10)3/12 (H)14341110.00
23Is a Living Legend1/12 (H)1620371.24
24Omên (10)2/12 (H)1634169.63
25K Bec Koi (10)1/12 (H)1676064.50
26Eternity (10)1/12 (H)1762555.35
27Death is Contagious (10)11/121802151.71
28Hordes Of Hell1/12 (H)1896446.27
29Hypocrisy1/12 (H)1936343.17
30Knights of Light1/12 (H)2009638.02
31Viable (10)10/122028736.99
32Wizards Council8/122031936.81
33Workiñg as Intended (10)1/12 (H)2097933.33
34Défiance1/12 (H)2117932.49
35Twìlíght (10/25)9/122142531.58
37Nokturne1/12 (H)2439923.22
38Flames of the Phoe..1/12 (H)2532021.23
39Imprint1/12 (H)2628119.40
40Relentless Ascension1/12 (H)2640819.21


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