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US-Alterac Mountains Realm Ranking

PvP Realm


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RankGuildProgressWorld RankCriteria
1vodka (25)13/13 (H)640450.01
2Something Diabolical (10/25)13/13 (H)126419950.00
3Wendigo Brewing Co (25)13/13 (H)147818433.32
4Precognition (10)8/13 (H)49306955.55
5Rapture (10)7/13 (H)57056105.56
6Sadness Factory (10)7/13 (H)60485833.33
7Death by Snu Snu (10)7/13 (H)66825377.79
8Swarm (10)6/13 (H)67815311.12
9GLHF7/13 (H)67995300.00
10Mensa6/13 (H)68285277.79
11Tainted Core (10)6/13 (H)91934000.00
12Focused Aggression (10)4/13 (H)93913894.45
13No Dice4/13 (H)105813416.66
14Total Skill (10)5/13 (H)113333105.56
15of Calamitous Intent5/13 (H)122412722.22
16Virulent (10)4/13 (H)122562711.11
17Glory or Death4/13 (H)130522422.22
18Libra (10/25)2/13 (H)140102122.23
19Nerd Herd2/13 (H)142602050.00
20Unstable3/13 (H)146861949.99
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