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US-Connected Alexstrasza Realm Ranking

PvE Realm

Guild Rankings

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1Agents Of Change (r)52175/11 (M)
2Virtuous55564/11 (M)
3Rising Phoenix57774/11 (M)
4Dark Tide62713/11 (M)
5Défiance80202/11 (M)
6No Guts No Glory85181/11 (M)
7Phoenix89371/11 (M)
8Renewed Hope96201/11 (M)
9Kamuy10470 11/11 (H)
10Twisted Halos10948 11/11 (H)
11Curio13626 11/11 (H)
12Hordes Of Hell14451 11/11 (H)
13Warriors of Virtue14743 11/11 (H)
14Logical15308 11/11 (H)
15Arcanum15771 10/11 (H)
16Intentional Failure15857 11/11 (H)
17This Is Fine17037 11/11 (H)
18The Eleventh Hour17118 11/11 (H)
19Dead Mans Party17148 10/11 (H)
20Red Ribbon Army17618 10/11 (H)
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