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US-Connected Crushridge Realm Ranking

PvP Realm

Guild Rankings

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1Elitist4779/9 (M)
2Humble (r)7288/9 (M)
3ROFLSTOMP19757/9 (M)
4Execute (r)34185/9 (M)
5Vitality40945/9 (M)
6Brink of Insanity45754/9 (M)
7PUKED IN THE UBER (r)48404/9 (M)
8Legendary Few (r)62143/9 (M)
9The Muppet Show72761/9 (M)
10Taunka Trucks8981 9/9 (H)
11Legion of Half Moo..9565 9/9 (H)
12DragonCrest9759 9/9 (H)
13Sanity10695 9/9 (H)
14Jaded Valhalla11574 9/9 (H)
15Spuds11854 9/9 (H)
16Mass Darkness11919 9/9 (H)
17Unrated12367 9/9 (H)
18The Lordaeron Legion12464 9/9 (H)
19Netherguard13158 9/9 (H)
20Nite Shyft13257 9/9 (H)
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