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US-Connected Silvermoon Realm Ranking

PvE Realm

Guild Rankings

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1Midnight181710/11 (M)
2Extended Maintenance (r)30098/11 (M)
3StormGuard33397/11 (M)
4Hexonyx35646/11 (M)
5VTX35986/11 (M)
6Unrestrained44805/11 (M)
7Vigil58453/11 (M)
8Hit It and Crit It61483/11 (M)
9Redundant Idiocracy86971/11 (M)
10BraveHeart (r)87341/11 (M)
11Creative Anarchy88261/11 (M)
12Concept92541/11 (M)
13BloodPact of the C..10115 11/11 (H)
14Khaos10118 11/11 (H)
15Ambient11209 11/11 (H)
16Ataraxia11299 11/11 (H)
17House of Zug11307 11/11 (H)
18Sloppy Guild11629 11/11 (H)
19The Shadow League11707 11/11 (H)
20Grand Theft Kodo12355 11/11 (H)
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