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US-Connected Spirestone Realm Ranking

PvP Realm

Guild Rankings

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1The Bad and the Ugly (r)2406/11 (M)
2Keep Calm (r)4355/11 (M)
3Dont Release (r)7963/11 (M)
4sunshine girls (r)10253/11 (M)
5Malus Nexu (r)11162/11 (M)
6Gluten Intolerance (r)11722/11 (M)
7Uprising (r)24821/11 (M)
8The Remnant (r)28051/11 (M)
9Suit Up3264 11/11 (H)
10Vanquish (r)3606 11/11 (H)
11ONE3754 11/11 (H)
12Suggestive Themes4785 8/11 (H)
13No Life5235 8/11 (H)
14Makeout Party5614 8/11 (H)
15EightySixed (r)5653 8/11 (H)
16Stormforged6091 8/11 (H)
17Outer Haven (r)6526 7/11 (H)
18Cult of Discord7558 6/11 (H)
19Sounds Complicated7578 6/11 (H)
20Slightly Prepared7819 5/11 (H)
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