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US-Connected Spirestone Realm Ranking

PvP Realm

Guild Rankings

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1The Bad and the Ugly (r)3765/9 (M)
2Keep Calm (r)4185/9 (M)
3Gluten Intolerance (r)10114/9 (M)
4Dont Release (r)13813/9 (M)
5sunshine girls (r)16133/9 (M)
6Malus Nexu (r)17233/9 (M)
7The Remnant (r)26261/9 (M)
8ONE29311/9 (M)
9Suit Up30281/9 (M)
10In Accounting3919 8/9 (H)
11EightySixed4632 8/9 (H)
12BSP (r)5040 8/9 (H)
13Salt5284 8/9 (H)
14Suggestive Themes5303 8/9 (H)
15Uprising (r)5699 8/9 (H)
16Vanquish5845 8/9 (H)
17Slightly Prepared (r)6147 8/9 (H)
18Makeout Party6170 8/9 (H)
19Conflux6184 8/9 (H)
20Is Naked6620 8/9 (H)
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