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US-Connected Whisperwind Mythic Progress

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Guild Rankings

Battle of Dazar'alor | Uldir | tier21 | tier20 | tier19 | tier18 | tier17 | tier16 | tier15   more

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1Alpha (r)1958/9 (M)
2Rude Awakening (r)5958/9 (M)
3Sadistic (r)9637/9 (M)
4Everything is Fine (r)10606/9 (M)
5DansGame (r)20325/9 (M)
6Two Shot (r)24764/9 (M)
7Abyss30913/9 (M)
8Rocket Surgery (r)34653/9 (M)
9Particle (r)34833/9 (M)
10Motivate me (r)39733/9 (M)
11Action Nine News42132/9 (M)
12Aes Sedai46202/9 (M)
13Escape55101/9 (M)
14Beta Testing (r)55231/9 (M)
15Seventh Fall56111/9 (M)
16Parable (r)58521/9 (M)
17Last Pull Magic (r)59671/9 (M)
18Volatile (r)61131/9 (M)
19IS A NINJA LOOTER62371/9 (M)
20Dulce Bellum65021/9 (M)
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Mythic Battle of Dazar'alor

M: Champion of the Light 25
M: Jadefire Masters 12
M: Grong 10
M: Opulence 6
M: Mekkatorque 3
M: Conclave of the Chosen 5
M: Stormwall Blockade 2
M: King Rastakhan 4
M: Lady Jaina Proudmoore 0

Heroic Battle of Dazar'alor

H: Champion of the Light 82
H: Jadefire Masters 72
H: Grong 70
H: Opulence 68
H: Mekkatorque 30
H: Conclave of the Chosen 49
H: Stormwall Blockade 27
H: King Rastakhan 45
H: Lady Jaina Proudmoore 15

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