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US-Frostmourne Mythic Progress

PvP Realm

Guild Rankings

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1Honestly189/9 (M)
2Gulch Trotters489/9 (M)
3Scared of the Dark529/9 (M)
4One1379/9 (M)
5Fate1799/9 (M)
6Barbershop Quartet3069/9 (M)
7Set to Mystic3839/9 (M)
8Cute Anime Girls4059/9 (M)
9Dispøsed4069/9 (M)
10Early Night (r)4639/9 (M)
11Kings Guard4809/9 (M)
12Hodor (r)4979/9 (M)
13Chaotic Serenity5759/9 (M)
14Oratorio Sola6609/9 (M)
15F I L T H7949/9 (M)
16Avenger7969/9 (M)
17Vehemence9098/9 (M)
18Head Office9378/9 (M)
19Relevant9988/9 (M)
20Icky Sticky Ooey G..10088/9 (M)
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Mythic Tomb of Sargeras

M: Goroth 156 Goroth Mythic videos
M: Demonic Inquisition 141 Demonic Inquisition Mythic videos
M: Harjatan 137 Harjatan Mythic videos
M: Sisters of the Moon 112 Sisters of the Moon Mythic videos
M: Mistress Sassz'ine 73 Mistress Sassz'ine Mythic videos
M: The Desolate Host 97 The Desolate Host Mythic videos
M: Maiden of Vigilance 48 Maiden of Vigilance Mythic videos
M: Fallen Avatar 27 Fallen Avatar Mythic videos
M: Kil'jaeden 16 Kil'jaeden Mythic videos

Heroic Tomb of Sargeras

H: Goroth 305
H: Demonic Inquisition 297
H: Harjatan 299
H: Sisters of the Moon 294 Sisters of the Moon Heroic videos
H: Mistress Sassz'ine 293 Mistress Sassz'ine Heroic videos
H: The Desolate Host 283 The Desolate Host Heroic videos
H: Maiden of Vigilance 278 Maiden of Vigilance Heroic videos
H: Fallen Avatar 267 Fallen Avatar Heroic videos
H: Kil'jaeden 228 Kil'jaeden Heroic videos

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