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US-Kel'Thuzad Realm Ranking

PvP Realm

Guild Rankings

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21Everdreaming Fan C.. (r)45624/11 (M)
22The Felsworn48343/11 (M)
23Aegis (r)50473/11 (M)
24Requiem of the Fal..65942/11 (M)
25Continuum67062/11 (M)
26Rapid Intervention (r)67652/11 (M)
27Nation of Light69911/11 (M)
28Revoke (r)73061/11 (M)
29For the Wrynn74271/11 (M)
30Lobbed74781/11 (M)
31Heartbreakers75361/11 (M)
32Parental Force75691/11 (M)
33State of Mind8080 11/11 (H)
34TDC8341 11/11 (H)
35Randy Badger8343 11/11 (H)
36Dark Horse8346 11/11 (H)
37PALS FOR LIFE8347 11/11 (H)
38Faith of the Fallen8385 11/11 (H)
39Armed Injustice8473 11/11 (H)
40For the Bracers8486 11/11 (H)


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