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US-Mannoroth Realm Ranking

PvP Realm


RankGuildProgressWorld RankCriteria
21Asbestos Dinosaur (10)7/13 (H)63475605.55
22Constellations (10)7/13 (H)68635261.09
23Obvious Assassin6/13 (H)69635194.44
24Envy Gaming6/13 (H)71305061.12
25Garbage Plate Vendor5/13 (H)75434833.34
26Divine Invasion (10)6/13 (H)78214666.66
27IDS4/13 (H)79544594.44
28Midnight Train (10)4/13 (H)80794538.90
29buncha goobers7/13 (H)81564500.00
30Macabre4/13 (H)83864383.33
31GG (10)6/13 (H)86334261.10
32Oh Yeah (25)5/13 (H)93873900.00
33Raidcore One (10)6/13 (H)95833816.67
34 Silence (25)5/13 (H)99983644.44
35We Have Lives5/13 (H)100273627.78
36Laughing My Azeroth (10)3/13 (H)112523144.45
37Has Naughty Secrets (10)4/13 (H)113073116.68
38Immoral Victory (25)4/13 (H)114583055.55
39Bad Religion (10)3/13 (H)114623050.00
40Legacy of Khan4/13 (H)114733044.45
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