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US-Moon Guard Mythic Progress

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Guild Rankings

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1Pact2401/2 (M)
2Rove Perennial2185 2/2 (H)
3DeathGrip2459 2/2 (H)
4Axiom2653 2/2 (H)
5Archangel2680 2/2 (H)
6Casually Addicted3187 2/2 (H)
7Light Brigade (r)3693 2/2 (H)
8Nightfall3708 2/2 (H)
9Order of the Falle..4671 2/2 (H)
10Ouro (r)4920 2/2 (H)
11Outriders5123 2/2 (H)
12Comfortably Numb5150 2/2 (H)
13Work Bound Raiding5587 2/2 (H)
14Silent Autumn Teah..5810 2/2 (H)
15NaCl5950 2/2 (H)
16Heroes Never Die (r)6035 2/2 (H)
17Ironsteele Assembly6048 2/2 (H)
18The Oathsworn Vigil6259 2/2 (H)
19Order of the Seven6652 2/2 (H)
20First Líght7024 2/2 (H)
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Mythic Crucible of Storms

M: The Restless Cabal 1 The Restless Cabal Mythic videos
M: Uu'nat, Harbinger of the Void 0

Heroic Crucible of Storms

H: The Restless Cabal 39
H: Uu'nat, Harbinger of the Void 31 Uu'nat, Harbinger of the Void Heroic videos

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