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US-Ner'zhul Realm Ranking

PvP Realm


RankGuildProgressWorld RankCriteria
21Resistance11/12 (H)43854793.36
22Conquest11/12 (H)44174765.87
23Sated (10)11/12 (H)45724655.19
24Bounded Rationality (10)11/12 (H)47244555.35
25Zug Zug (10)11/12 (H)48364482.53
26RL on CD (25)11/12 (H)59743427.59
27Natural Born Killers (10)10/12 (H)60493338.30
28Wünderbar10/12 (H)65412736.56
29US Horder Patrol9/12 (H)66732597.62
30Chaotic Good9/12 (H)68062485.36
31Vanguard9/12 (H)71532260.34
32Carnage (25)9/12 (H)71892239.86
33JAL (10)9/12 (H)84951684.52
34Frost Moon (10)8/12 (H)90561490.78
35Pound It Out8/12 (H)90921477.91
36Psycho8/12 (H)91831448.89
37Sword of the Horde (recruiting)8/12 (H)92991415.19
38Epicdemic (recruiting)8/12 (H)95011351.22
39Awesome9/12 (H)97721268.92
40Arisen (10/25)7/12 (H)99111228.96


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