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21DNO (r)US-Kil'Jaeden11/11 (M)
22NurfedUS-Tichondrius11/11 (M)
23Parse Culture (r)US-Tichondrius11/11 (M)
24Fused (r)US-Illidan11/11 (M)
25Might (r)US-Zul'jin11/11 (M)
26Unlucky (r)OC-Jubei'Thos11/11 (M)
27Wizards IRLOC-Jubei'Thos11/11 (M)
28Style (r)US-Illidan11/11 (M)
29Lethal (r)US-Thunderhorn11/11 (M)
30Incarnate (r)US-Ner'zhul11/11 (M)
31Hard In The PaintUS-Windrunner11/11 (M)
32Hard In The Paint (r)US-Arthas11/11 (M)
33Club Camel (r)US-Stormrage11/11 (M)
34Addiction (r)US-Bleeding Hollow11/11 (M)
35HC (r)US-Burning Legion11/11 (M)
36Washed Up ScrubsUS-Mal'Ganis11/11 (M)
37Revive (r)US-Stormreaver11/11 (M)
38Gronks (r)OC-Barthilas11/11 (M)
39Nazgul (r)OC-Khaz'goroth11/11 (M)
40Crimson (r)OC-Caelestrasz11/11 (M)

Players looking for Mythic Plus Dungeons

M+ Score DPS: 2428.36Looking for group to push high Mythic Plus keys42 minutes ago
M+ Score: 2254.32
M+ Score Healer: 2233.61
Looking for group to push high Mythic Plus keys2 hours ago
M+ Score DPS: 415.83LF to finish weekly chest3 hours ago
M+ Score DPS: 108.95Looking for group to push high Mythic Plus keys4 hours ago
Looking for group to push high Mythic Plus keys7 hours ago
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Players started looking for guilds

27 minutes ago
1 hour ago
US-Burning Blade
1 hour ago
2 hours ago
11 hours ago
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Mythic Antorus, the Burning Throne

M: Garothi Worldbreaker 2950 (20.19%) Garothi Worldbreaker Mythic videos
M: Felhounds of Sargeras 2468 (16.89%) Felhounds of Sargeras Mythic videos
M: Antoran High Command 1764 (12.07%) Antoran High Command Mythic videos
M: Portal Keeper Hasabel 1574 (10.77%) Portal Keeper Hasabel Mythic videos
M: Eonar the Life-Binder 1807 (12.37%) Eonar the Life-Binder Mythic videos
M: Imonar the Soulhunter 1130 (7.73%) Imonar the Soulhunter Mythic videos
M: Kin'garoth 901 (6.17%) Kin'garoth Mythic videos
M: Varimathras 769 (5.26%) Varimathras Mythic videos
M: The Coven of Shivarra 647 (4.43%) The Coven of Shivarra Mythic videos
M: Aggramar 364 (2.49%) Aggramar Mythic videos
M: Argus the Unmaker 166 (1.14%) Argus the Unmaker Mythic videos

Heroic Antorus, the Burning Throne

H: Garothi Worldbreaker 8920 (61.06%) Garothi Worldbreaker Heroic videos
H: Felhounds of Sargeras 8677 (59.39%) Felhounds of Sargeras Heroic videos
H: Antoran High Command 7882 (53.95%) Antoran High Command Heroic videos
H: Portal Keeper Hasabel 7780 (53.25%) Portal Keeper Hasabel Heroic videos
H: Eonar the Life-Binder 8353 (57.18%) Eonar the Life-Binder Heroic videos
H: Imonar the Soulhunter 7706 (52.75%) Imonar the Soulhunter Heroic videos
H: Kin'garoth 7322 (50.12%) Kin'garoth Heroic videos
H: Varimathras 7133 (48.83%) Varimathras Heroic videos
H: The Coven of Shivarra 6083 (41.64%) The Coven of Shivarra Heroic videos
H: Aggramar 5921 (40.53%) Aggramar Heroic videos
H: Argus the Unmaker 5665 (38.78%) Argus the Unmaker Heroic videos

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    Transfer your character data after realm or name change
    7 months ago
    It is now possible to transfer your character Progress, M+, Karma data, Videos after name or realm change.

    Note: this is a temporary solution, it will be fully automatic soon

    How to transfer data after realm/name change?

    1. If possible, before changing realm/name, claim your character on WoWProgress using Sync. If you already transferred, skip this step.
    Comments: 42
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