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US-Sargeras Realm Ranking

PvP Realm

Guild Rankings

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21Casually Competent (r)9795/9 (M)
22Caustic (r)9825/9 (M)
23Leprechauns9935/9 (M)
24Ad Astra (r)10335/9 (M)
25Sÿnergic (r)10615/9 (M)
26Business Class (r)10635/9 (M)
27Noodle Factory (r)10665/9 (M)
28Heres the Kicker (r)10685/9 (M)
29Singularity11025/9 (M)
30Red Alliance11335/9 (M)
31Style (r)12425/9 (M)
32Raids of Our Lives (r)12565/9 (M)
33Air (r)12645/9 (M)
34Amnesty (r)12845/9 (M)
35Hollow Crown (r)12865/9 (M)
36Catchphrase (r)12935/9 (M)
37Stay Mad (r)12975/9 (M)
38Bear Retirement Home14025/9 (M)
39Disbelief (r)14045/9 (M)
40Criminal (r)14075/9 (M)
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Mythic Tomb of Sargeras

M: Goroth 123 Goroth Mythic videos
M: Demonic Inquisition 84 Demonic Inquisition Mythic videos
M: Harjatan 92 Harjatan Mythic videos
M: Sisters of the Moon 52 Sisters of the Moon Mythic videos
M: Mistress Sassz'ine 9 Mistress Sassz'ine Mythic videos
M: The Desolate Host 40 The Desolate Host Mythic videos
M: Maiden of Vigilance 4
M: Fallen Avatar 1
M: Kil'jaeden 0

Heroic Tomb of Sargeras

H: Goroth 334 Goroth Heroic videos
H: Demonic Inquisition 320 Demonic Inquisition Heroic videos
H: Harjatan 326 Harjatan Heroic videos
H: Sisters of the Moon 305 Sisters of the Moon Heroic videos
H: Mistress Sassz'ine 296 Mistress Sassz'ine Heroic videos
H: The Desolate Host 281 The Desolate Host Heroic videos
H: Maiden of Vigilance 274 Maiden of Vigilance Heroic videos
H: Fallen Avatar 237 Fallen Avatar Heroic videos
H: Kil'jaeden 166 Kil'jaeden Heroic videos

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