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US-Sargeras Realm Ranking

PvP Realm

Guild Rankings

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21Heres the Kicker (r)88111/11 (M)
22Praetorian Guards (r)98311/11 (M)
23Unified (r)110311/11 (M)
24League of Friends112511/11 (M)
25Keep Yourself Safe124310/11 (M)
26Leprechauns127610/11 (M)
27Disbelief134810/11 (M)
28Style136310/11 (M)
29TTL138210/11 (M)
30Heroes of Fight Club (r)140410/11 (M)
31Doppelganger141010/11 (M)
32Twisted Memory (r)142910/11 (M)
33Criminal (r)150010/11 (M)
34Storm (r)158510/11 (M)
35The Invisible Hand (r)158910/11 (M)
36Fallen Roar162910/11 (M)
37Empire (r)163210/11 (M)
38Bear Retirement Home163310/11 (M)
39Five Star Hotel163510/11 (M)
40Wrong Strat (r)166010/11 (M)


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