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US-Stormrage Realm Ranking

PvE Realm


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RankGuildProgressWorld RankCriteria
1Critical Mass13/13 (H)20231561.12
2Integrity (10)13/13 (H)29529872.24
3Death Jesters (recruiting)13/13 (H)50727188.89
4Midnight Sanctuary13/13 (H)54826750.02
5Tactical Disaster (10/25)13/13 (H)136719138.88
6Progression13/13 (H)137319083.35
7So Many Banelings (10)12/13 (H)138119050.00
8Eminence (25)12/13 (H)149918272.22
9Exiles of Lordaeron10/13 (H)227413322.23
10Titan (10)11/13 (H)238312927.78
11Ascendance11/13 (H)272411661.11
12Contact (10)10/13 (H)325510061.11
13After Hours (10)10/13 (H)34689522.23
14Solipsis (10)12/13 (H)35639266.67
15Rageborn (10)9/13 (H)36429088.88
16Machine Gaming (10)7/13 (H)40108333.33
17Límíted Edítíon (10/25)8/13 (H)43747683.34
18Militiae Templi8/13 (H)53046527.78
19Paradigm Shift8/13 (H)54126411.11
20Epic Again (10/25)7/13 (H)61195766.67
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