EU (DE) WoW Realms

# Realm Type Lang Score Population* Horde* Alliance*
n/aAegwynn (up)PvPde0.0097841039681
n/aAman'Thul (up)PvEde0.00369710182679
n/aAntonidas (up)PvEde0.001793543217503
n/aBlackhand (up)PvEde0.001612315455668
n/aBlackmoore (up)PvPde0.001640174978904
n/aBlackrock (up)PvPde0.00129231289825
n/aDie Aldor (up)RPde0.00322810382190
n/aEredar (up)PvPde0.00105531053122
n/aFrostwolf (up)PvPde0.0073407067273
n/aThrall (up)PvEde0.001303412142892
n/aConnected Alexstrasza PvEde0.00455611703386
n/aConnected Area 52 PvEde0.00396512442721
n/aConnected Garrosh PvEde0.00639924903909
n/aConnected Gilneas PvEde0.0027119041807
n/aConnected Kargath PvEde0.00319110092182
n/aConnected Ysera PvEde0.00427712443033
n/aConnected Malfurion PvEde0.00572419793745
n/aConnected Lordaeron PvEde0.0022456841561
n/aConnected Khaz'goroth PvEde0.00469219252767
n/aConnected Perenolde PvEde0.0036938292864
n/aConnected Tirion PvEde0.0027188311887
n/aConnected Lothar PvEde0.0037158452870
n/aConnected Dun Morogh PvEde0.00439111353256
n/aConnected Alleria PvEde0.00725614565800
n/aConnected Madmortem PvEde0.0038257843041
n/aConnected Die Silberne Hand RPde0.0031166892427
n/aConnected Zirkel des Cenarius RPde0.00377713572420
n/aConnected Der Rat von Dalaran RPde0.0029597102249
n/aConnected Die Nachtwache RPde0.00276611041662
n/aConnected Mal'Ganis PvPde0.00584540501795
n/aConnected Onyxia PvPde0.0059545529425
n/aConnected Arthas PvPde0.00574526963049
n/aConnected Anetheron PvPde0.00564040831557
n/aConnected Anub'arak PvPde0.00460434521152
n/aConnected Destromath PvPde0.00539143641027
n/aConnected Azshara PvPde0.0041663880286
n/aConnected Kult der Verdammten RP-PvPde0.00450827911717

* Population - amount of unique players that meet any of the two conditions:
- has a level 110 character that killed something in Tier 19 Heroic Mode
- has a level 110 character in a guild that killed something in Tier 19 Heroic Mode
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