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Asia WoW Speed Kills Rankings

Demonic Inquisition Mythic

1 Right 08m 53s
2 부엉부엉시부엉 09m 45s
3 Mulpas 09m 49s
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Harjatan Mythic

1 The Lucid Stage 09m 08s
2 와관학교 09m 13s
3 BUSOH SENSEN 09m 51s
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Sisters of the Moon Mythic

1 AFK R 22m 03s
2 Right 24m 17s
3 마법소녀 26m 25s
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Mistress Sassz'ine Mythic

1 AFK R 83m 32s
2 Right 184m 15s

The Desolate Host Mythic


Maiden of Vigilance Mythic

1 Right 238m 06s
2 AFK R 253m 59s

Fallen Avatar Mythic

1 AFK R 106m 44s

Kil'jaeden Mythic


Demonic Inquisition Heroic

1 雲淡風輕 05m 35s
2 Enfants Terribles 05m 45s
3 Right 05m 53s
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Harjatan Heroic

1 비 상 05m 47s
2 Le Chat Noir 05m 54s
3 腦飛俱樂部 06m 04s
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Sisters of the Moon Heroic

1 失落之誠 伊旬園 10m 52s
2 Creamfields 11m 04s
3 도톰한 티탄의 입술 11m 55s
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Mistress Sassz'ine Heroic

1 莫高雷酒吧 10m 48s
2 廟口 11m 39s
3 Play for Uber 14m 30s
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The Desolate Host Heroic

1 Right 17m 42s
2 了不起丶負責 18m 27s
3 Quorum Sensing 18m 32s
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Maiden of Vigilance Heroic

1 와관학교 08m 18s
2 Right 08m 30s
3 Asgard 09m 32s
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Fallen Avatar Heroic

1 Right 09m 51s
2 AFK R 09m 58s
3 Mulpas 10m 27s
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Kil'jaeden Heroic

1 Right 12m 32s
2 Asgard 13m 18s
3 AFK R 13m 46s
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