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Oceanic WoW Speed Kills Rankings

Demonic Inquisition Mythic

1 Ego 08m 09s
2 Vehemence 09m 06s
3 Gulch Trotters 09m 29s
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Harjatan Mythic

1 Vehemence 09m 29s
2 Ego 09m 44s
3 Kings Guard 09m 51s
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Sisters of the Moon Mythic

1 Honestly 15m 56s
2 Ajantis 16m 18s
3 Gulch Trotters 17m 33s
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Mistress Sassz'ine Mythic

1 Scared of the Dark 145m 24s
2 Wizards IRL 1415m 05s

The Desolate Host Mythic

1 Wizards IRL 1418m 00s

Maiden of Vigilance Mythic


Fallen Avatar Mythic


Kil'jaeden Mythic


Demonic Inquisition Heroic

1 One 04m 46s
2 Paramount 04m 56s
3 Rats 05m 06s
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Harjatan Heroic

1 Paramount 05m 36s
2 Honestly 05m 43s
3 Rats 06m 01s
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Sisters of the Moon Heroic

1 Ego 07m 49s
2 Gronks 09m 13s
3 Simplicity 09m 59s
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Mistress Sassz'ine Heroic

1 Simplicity 10m 54s
2 The Six Paths 12m 43s
3 Smile 12m 53s
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The Desolate Host Heroic

1 Gronks 14m 10s
2 Titans 16m 11s
3 Convergence 16m 27s
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Maiden of Vigilance Heroic

1 One 08m 25s
2 Ego 08m 45s
3 Exist 09m 07s
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Fallen Avatar Heroic

1 Vehemence 09m 05s
2 Listen 09m 47s
3 Omen 10m 01s
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Kil'jaeden Heroic

1 Sealed 12m 15s
2 Gulch Trotters 12m 55s
3 Scared of the Dark 13m 05s
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