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TW WoW Speed Kills Rankings

Elerethe Renferal Mythic

1 HardMode 11m 04s
2 Dawn Force 11m 55s
3 The AvaLon 12m 25s
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Il'gynoth, Heart of Corruption Mythic

1 Lilium 11m 24s
2 Free Fighter 12m 00s
3 傭兵天下 12m 03s
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Ursoc Mythic

1 The AvaLon 09m 58s
2 雲淡风輕 10m 41s
3 HardMode 11m 12s
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Dragons of Nightmare Mythic

1 Crazy Zone 07m 37s
1 Guardians 07m 37s
3 Legend of defiler 09m 01s
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Cenarius Mythic

1 Crazy Zone 06m 23s
1 Guardians 06m 23s
3 黑耀眼 06m 26s
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Xavius Mythic

1 Asgard 09m 44s
2 Crazy Zone 09m 47s
2 Guardians 09m 47s
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Guarm Mythic

1 Lilium 09m 38s
2 傭兵天下 10m 13s
3 神樣 10m 53s
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Helya Mythic

1 聰明伶俐好公會 21m 44s
2 雲淡風輕 43m 43s
3 Asgard 48m 13s
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Chronomatic Anomaly Mythic

1 Slaughter 12m 39s
1 奶油雄獅軍團 12m 39s
3 First Vanguard 13m 25s
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Trilliax Mythic

1 First Vanguard 09m 41s
2 HardMode 10m 12s
3 Lilium 11m 08s
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Spellblade Aluriel Mythic

1 Fortune 25m 38s
2 PhantomTwilighT 30m 15s
3 雲淡風輕 42m 10s
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Tichondrius Mythic

1 Fortune 57m 39s
2 Asgard 87m 22s
3 雲淡風輕 103m 08s
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Krosus Mythic

1 PhantomTwilighT 1357m 37s

High Botanist Tel'arn Mythic

1 Fortune 85m 17s
2 PhantomTwilighT 134m 28s

Star Augur Etraeus Mythic


Grand Magistrix Elisande Mythic


Gul'dan Mythic


Elerethe Renferal Heroic

1 Under the Table 10m 16s
2 Crazy Zone 11m 06s
3 賽弗斯的鮑倩 11m 18s
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Il'gynoth, Heart of Corruption Heroic

1 SnowElysium 04m 25s
2 熊貓人的世界 04m 46s
3 凝香 05m 09s
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Ursoc Heroic

1 Crazy Zone 07m 21s
2 笑看冰雪天 07m 32s
3 Nature Bloody 07m 59s
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Dragons of Nightmare Heroic

1 Lilium 04m 58s
2 傭兵天下 05m 04s
3 Evil Incursion 05m 07s
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Cenarius Heroic

1 Tales of Paragon 05m 29s
2 Patron of the moon 05m 46s
3 pinnacle 05m 50s
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Xavius Heroic

1 小麵包 06m 15s
2 Evil Incursion 06m 16s
3 Empty Street 06m 17s
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Guarm Heroic

1 SnowElysium 07m 22s
2 Invincible 07m 29s
3 Prayer of Maiden 07m 36s
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Helya Heroic

1 Lightning Raider 07m 55s
2 SnowElysium 08m 07s
3 Play for Uber 08m 40s
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Chronomatic Anomaly Heroic

1 Heros come back 06m 49s
2 Lightning Raider 06m 50s
3 Sudden Shock 06m 59s
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Trilliax Heroic

1 First Vanguard 06m 19s
2 Brave Vesperia 06m 20s
3 低語 06m 28s
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Spellblade Aluriel Heroic

1 傭兵天下 08m 46s
2 First Vanguard 09m 14s
3 Legend of defiler 09m 15s
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Tichondrius Heroic

1 自由羽翼 08m 55s
1 極地黑幫 08m 55s
3 HardMode 09m 28s
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Krosus Heroic

1 Asgard 10m 13s
2 上班族的逆襲 10m 49s
3 神樣 11m 07s
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High Botanist Tel'arn Heroic

1 Emphatic Belief 13m 12s
2 神樣 14m 53s
2 沙發馬鈴鼠 14m 53s
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Star Augur Etraeus Heroic

1 低語 08m 31s
2 神樣 09m 51s
2 沙發馬鈴鼠 09m 51s
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Grand Magistrix Elisande Heroic

1 極限鐵盒 14m 40s
2 Slaughter 16m 32s
3 夢想的起點 18m 44s
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Gul'dan Heroic

1 Lightning Raider 12m 00s
2 聰明伶俐好公會 12m 24s
3 雲淡風輕 12m 33s
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