Update Progress for Инфинити

EU (RU)-Галакронд

1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress usually cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, we have to wait for a fix.

Select Characters to Update

UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Дкмасть74.65919.4416 hours ago
2Саккагавея74.65917.9416 hours ago
3Арлида74.65917.5616 hours ago
4Докторстрах74.65917.5016 hours ago
5Приф59.71917.064 minutes ago
6Фейнвельт74.65917.0016 hours ago
7Аэльтир74.65916.5016 hours ago
8Элизанэль74.65915.5016 hours ago
9Леклер59.76915.1916 hours ago
10Чиюки74.65915.1916 hours ago
11Шестирёнка74.65914.8816 hours ago
12Амелерия0.75914.195 hours ago
13Арезин74.65914.0616 hours ago
14Амэтус74.65913.945 hours ago
15Белаэль59.71913.8116 hours ago
16Лэверна74.65913.2516 hours ago
17Асмаадеус74.65913.0616 hours ago
18Сальнория59.76913.0016 hours ago
19Керниос0.00911.8816 hours ago
20Анаразель59.76911.3816 hours ago
21Макинэ0.00911.3816 hours ago
22Шутиха74.65910.9416 hours ago
23Громанелло4.43910.886 hours ago
24Чехия0.00909.8816 hours ago
25Сулгард44.69909.1916 hours ago
26Георгийден14.89907.8816 hours ago
27Потемюнде0.00907.752 days ago
28Сизида0.00907.132 days ago
29Таисафина74.65906.752 days ago
30Крёз0.00906.752 days ago
31Шиденкай74.65906.192 days ago
32Импортлайф4.47905.632 days ago
33Аржд0.00904.562 days ago
34Гламуромец14.89903.562 days ago
35Нарезайка0.00902.382 days ago
36Барртемиус0.00901.942 days ago
37Скайра0.00900.382 days ago
38Пэкмань4.43899.9416 hours ago
39Эльвенира0.00899.632 days ago
40Низера0.00897.882 days ago
41Лузунг0.00897.312 days ago
42Поохотимся0.00896.882 days ago
43Еннифер0.00895.692 days ago
44Гоэтия0.00895.132 days ago
45Псих0.00889.752 days ago
46Аельтир0.00889.692 days ago
47Котулху0.00888.062 days ago
48Дикаскис0.00887.062 days ago
49Санерс0.00885.382 days ago
50Покемончиха0.00884.562 days ago
51Ориоль0.00883.502 days ago
52Китцу0.00881.562 days ago
53Ванэла0.00881.252 days ago
54Ишилон0.00880.192 days ago
55Волкюля0.00876.252 days ago
56Мекензи0.00873.312 days ago
57Гизюка0.00871.812 days ago
58Банкирпро0.00868.502 days ago
59Аникеу0.00867.382 days ago
60Тэрондил0.00866.0618 hours ago
61Арнигольд0.00864.382 days ago
62Маллиг0.00849.002 days ago
63Нильфхъёрда0.00837.562 days ago
64Викстра0.00795.132 days ago

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