Update Progress for Redhands

EU (DE)-Anub'arak

1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress usually cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, we have to wait for a fix.

Select Characters to Update

UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Brøkkø164317.59920.0011 hours ago
2Teesy170165.17918.3811 hours ago
3Malgorr170165.17918.3111 hours ago
4Dárk130180.93917.2511 hours ago
5Soely158506.75916.8111 hours ago
6Blâdewing117710.03916.6911 hours ago
7Braïnn147736.07916.5011 hours ago
8Vaydekay129071.70916.5011 hours ago
9Imòen163505.50916.2511 hours ago
10Mysticdark170165.17915.9411 hours ago
11Tjuv145471.62915.5011 hours ago
12Rootme138237.70915.0611 hours ago
13Xarvos100572.88914.2511 hours ago
14Noyus72139.57913.6311 hours ago
15Humbuug130179.66913.5011 hours ago
16Hayride86768.11913.5011 hours ago
17Deaddüli109303.96912.812 hours ago
18Noraf80497.08912.1911 hours ago
19Rakanishu61007.31911.9411 hours ago
20Bobus109303.95911.4411 hours ago
21Høtsfired109303.96911.2511 hours ago
22Budokai30347.27910.6911 hours ago
23Umberto30110.61910.5611 hours ago
24Lenora50812.23910.562 hours ago
25Sanlious1273.93910.4411 hours ago
26Lazeyl97928.97910.3111 hours ago
27Terrorbear25578.01909.9411 hours ago
28Mumei67706.35909.753 days ago
29Boldar25304.67909.693 days ago
30Dotlul30205.12909.3811 hours ago
31Busfahra51934.27908.5614 days ago
32Lytcadoretep29309.84908.5611 hours ago
33Nephry125303.97908.2514 days ago
34Donpacifista791.65908.0614 days ago
35Destroyyou1181.23907.8814 days ago
36Melthalas1527.27907.8111 hours ago
37Joána107370.72907.7511 hours ago
38Johnnié103525.84907.5610 days ago
39Illseeyou72366.20907.5014 days ago
40Graenn131014.61907.4411 hours ago
41Cornag47645.09907.3814 days ago
42Peaks127279.71906.9414 days ago
43Fardor1198.43906.4414 days ago
44Holyhands63234.33906.134 days ago
45Dülli55224.53905.562 hours ago
46Sushiya122269.92904.9414 days ago
47Pastybeefman839.69904.5614 days ago
48Tronmasiri57118.00904.5016 days ago
49Lynchi51287.68904.3826 days ago
50Onijax43295.67903.9426 days ago
51Vituzz1721.14903.449 days ago
52Profbrainn1043.24903.3826 days ago
53Praiolynna25284.78902.8113 days ago
54Moegraine1249.89902.6326 days ago
55Piepmatz945.43902.3826 days ago
56Peaksboom1261.56902.2526 days ago
57Loppo915.53901.6926 days ago
58Eismann1047.63901.5626 days ago
59Bloodleech1146.45901.2526 days ago
60Miliao386.15900.3826 days ago
61Rhethokerina1078.46899.5026 days ago
62Vutus576.33899.4426 days ago
63Cerials686.37899.2526 days ago
64Soelyy606.49898.8126 days ago
65Rhagac280.80898.818 days ago
66Sunlay881.39898.632 days ago
67Piepserker455.93897.5626 days ago
68Glus1171.58897.5026 days ago
69Xavitra0.00897.3126 days ago
70Joorpain504.43897.1926 days ago
71Nayra3324.94897.0626 days ago
72Kilyne1597.61896.8826 days ago
73Relive454.90896.6926 days ago
74Two2.43896.383 days ago
75Arwya125253.44896.1326 days ago
76Rika2915.90895.8126 days ago
77Roterakete294.07895.7526 days ago
78Fletchinchen2013.38895.6926 days ago
79Flüchi443.72895.5626 days ago
80Jumberlack563.15895.1326 days ago
81Bøwulk243.68895.0026 days ago
82Heth125253.44894.8126 days ago
83Jodu26021.14894.6326 days ago
84Moonkíng0.00894.1914 hours ago
85Twjuv301.54894.1326 days ago
86Ragnyrr463.79893.4426 days ago
87Akaruchan3.98893.3816 days ago
88Quagmira47088.93893.3826 days ago
89Mofro550.02893.3826 days ago
90Tinéoidea275.02893.0626 days ago
91Zelijko67977.93892.884 days ago
92Platti162.07892.886 days ago
93Shizuya44487.83892.7526 days ago
94Glòriá67571.90892.1926 days ago
95Chilos435.79891.4426 days ago
96Scorex285.18891.2526 days ago
97Kosina292.35890.251 day ago
98Krushgo65758.64890.1926 days ago
99Sunches420.49890.1326 days ago
100Ellagoulding242.74889.943 days ago
101Linchar61705.08889.6326 days ago
102Nimea77.97888.1326 days ago
103Kuhltiviert3.43888.1326 days ago
104Shakz1466.36887.1326 days ago
105Ashamy0.00886.8126 days ago
106Neophyte66844.67886.6926 days ago
107Wildstar423.00886.6926 days ago
108Krino66207.35886.2526 days ago
109Fiske152.61885.8813 days ago
110Imwithstupid0.00885.8126 days ago
111Bladewing3943.03885.6326 days ago
112Prollsché291.64885.5026 days ago
113Ariyami79.62885.3126 days ago
114Bullonparade417.22884.6326 days ago
115Lirany431.89884.4426 days ago
116Teròr427.67884.2526 days ago
117Nordish0.00883.0026 days ago
118Flpzzî1164.55882.7526 days ago
119Drownn1022.50882.6926 days ago
120Bullii787.74882.6326 days ago
121Dülidean57.37881.7526 days ago
122Dipzqt360.94881.6326 days ago
123Drrown420.38881.5626 days ago
124Xanraya422.51881.5626 days ago
125Taurentino22.03881.4426 days ago
126Ayanamì0.00881.3826 days ago
127Dropcorn1.84881.3826 days ago
128Grafkeks0.00881.253 days ago
129Kzung417.22881.1326 days ago
130Viconia265.67881.0626 days ago
131Flpzzíi235.52881.0026 days ago
132Zyranthor295.68880.3126 days ago
133Amivia438.12879.8826 days ago
134Vernascht2.85879.5626 days ago
135Crawley0.00879.2520 days ago
136Dieliewa0.00879.1326 days ago
137Fletcheriina686.38879.0026 days ago
138Curthan0.00878.8126 days ago
139Ðrownqt385.85878.2526 days ago
140Belthazor0.00877.8826 days ago
141Derína0.00877.5026 days ago
142Furyalla61604.87877.448 days ago
143Peakx305.21877.0626 days ago
144Bronag209.32877.0626 days ago
145Pará213.11876.9426 days ago
146Alessiná200.87876.8826 days ago
147Drmundo189.22876.8126 days ago
148Juniarius46739.33875.3826 days ago
149Stiefelzman365.21874.6926 days ago
150Ariyashi0.00874.5626 days ago
151Glusling3.73873.8826 days ago
152Ereshmilor1067.28873.5026 days ago
153Batskater277.35872.8826 days ago
154Rimfrost315.69871.5026 days ago
155Nandbärin370.68871.1326 days ago
156Akìo53.59870.6326 days ago
157Rambale4.18870.5626 days ago
158Peaksy397.40870.1926 days ago
159Phamos0.00870.063 days ago
160Bowulk0.00869.8826 days ago
161Shandolo383.76869.8126 days ago
162Zmaen437.35869.8126 days ago
163Tjuv14.22869.6926 days ago
164Adanessa0.00869.5026 days ago
165Woppo0.00868.6926 days ago
166Glusrofl0.00867.6926 days ago
167Roidlock0.00867.1326 days ago
168Louloutel0.30866.7526 days ago
169Fletchi347.32866.3126 days ago
170Mimí402.43866.2526 days ago
171Vày7.75866.193 days ago
172Tinéoidear0.00865.8126 days ago
173Imóen0.00864.8826 days ago
174Skogsrå0.00864.3826 days ago
175Fyrnenbart0.00864.0626 days ago
176Flunkeemage262.23863.8826 days ago
177Zwaggel85.73863.7526 days ago
178Mafonta370.98862.5026 days ago
179Ellaleino0.00862.5026 days ago
180Tataros4.08862.3826 days ago
181Loutel0.00861.0626 days ago
182Moegana4.48860.8126 days ago
183Jellyfish4.48860.0626 days ago
184Paramóre393.96859.5626 days ago
185Xerisiya0.00859.4426 days ago
186Laftîs0.44859.2526 days ago
187Gløria0.13859.1326 days ago
188Tiffanyt4.32858.8826 days ago
189Vayshadow0.00858.6926 days ago
190Damrod417.22857.3826 days ago
191Dîelîewa0.00857.0026 days ago
192Suri0.00857.0026 days ago
193Zack5909.95855.3112 days ago
194Lyska4.48855.0026 days ago
195Bhalvris29.34854.7526 days ago
196Beatpeet29.56854.5026 days ago
197Gwynhwyfer0.00854.4426 days ago
198Ðrownlol0.84854.1326 days ago
199Kirïn432.12854.1326 days ago
200Obolos59.09853.9426 days ago
201Moshkovskaya412.29853.6926 days ago
202Pepps59.59853.6926 days ago
203Traxés0.00853.3826 days ago
204Infernelias14.38852.5626 days ago
205Ubuku0.00852.1926 days ago
206Deacan0.00851.8826 days ago
207Raggi0.00851.6326 days ago
208Laserlauser437.35851.4426 days ago
209Glorìa86.38850.9426 days ago
210Scoresx150.00850.8126 days ago
211Zunter0.00850.0026 days ago
212Tordenvaer0.00849.1326 days ago
213Yath0.00848.2526 days ago
214Dergolosch29.78848.1326 days ago
215Theudas0.00847.6926 days ago
216Kraqu0.00846.3826 days ago
217Nerzal0.00845.8126 days ago
218Equîlîbrîum14.66845.3126 days ago
219Fletcherina0.00844.5026 days ago
220Volibaer0.00844.2526 days ago
221Elom4.48844.1326 days ago
222Myrthar4.48844.0626 days ago
223Soryi4.48843.9426 days ago
224Lauser4.48843.3826 days ago
225Liah0.00842.5026 days ago
226Gummibaerli0.00841.8826 days ago
227Noutel15.00841.8126 days ago
228Flox0.00841.0026 days ago
229Mikhalif0.00840.6326 days ago
230Deadybaer0.00840.4426 days ago
231Zwagg0.00840.0026 days ago
232Imenaya0.00839.5626 days ago
233Maiyn0.00838.5014 days ago
234Fâbienix0.00837.1326 days ago
235Explosive0.00836.5023 days ago
236Quikx0.00832.6326 days ago
237Dremali0.00832.5626 days ago
238Equilibrium0.00832.0026 days ago
239Leiyá0.00831.6326 days ago
240Glüsel0.00829.8826 days ago
241Chrigux0.00826.5026 days ago
242Cedox0.00823.1326 days ago
243Tessalia0.00822.6926 days ago
244Mentyriel0.00819.9426 days ago
245Fasa0.00818.0026 days ago
246Chîlos0.00817.3826 days ago
247Illidark0.00817.2526 days ago
248Ðrownbums0.00816.1326 days ago
249Vanyr25000.00808.0026 days ago
250Floppo0.00805.9422 days ago
251Schmauli1250.00799.5026 days ago
252Sunchez0.00799.1326 days ago
253Daarian0.00799.0626 days ago
254Gluslawl0.00795.2526 days ago
255Ereshnubes0.20795.2526 days ago
256Beyyne0.00791.0626 days ago
257Talynia0.00790.443 days ago
258Yunalêsca0.00787.3126 days ago
259Dênta0.00786.8826 days ago
260Brainnmage0.00767.758 days ago
261Mynomias0.00755.3126 days ago

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