Update Progress for Sedition


1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress usually cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, we have to wait for a fix.

Select characters participated in the kill

The characters have to have their Battle.net profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Alexänder423.90928.381 day ago
2Qualitas117.29926.941 day ago
3Melff113.31926.561 day ago
4Ty101.34926.191 day ago
5Altísimo114.28925.811 day ago
6Mimikiyu113.31924.561 day ago
7Sixtuzz111.97923.751 day ago
8Angramalnyu110.82923.501 day ago
9Liådrin117.25923.061 day ago
10Savagerage114.07922.811 day ago
11Guldanapp112.98921.256 days ago
12Plastictree113.48921.255 hours ago
13Bahigoot96.82920.317 days ago
14Tamchi100.29919.887 days ago
15Vivalina55.57919.4410 days ago
16Kvazimodas113.43919.316 days ago
17Nalucida112.98919.256 days ago
18Meowko71.48919.196 days ago
19Thylandir57.63918.818 days ago
20Gòodtimes113.31918.386 days ago
21Konguh57.69918.253 days ago
22Faheatah116.84918.196 days ago
23Es113.34917.948 days ago
24Ff28.28917.9410 days ago
25Ahindler113.62917.7510 days ago
26Bùsujima111.81917.386 days ago
27Aesthy112.98917.383 days ago
28Bamboomi100.38917.3110 days ago
29Adorise84.30917.0610 days ago
30Dummy73.19915.0610 days ago
31Whitesheepz72.06915.0010 days ago
32Syncró113.31915.006 days ago
33Corded43.80914.0610 days ago
34Sendren42.66914.0610 days ago
35Melmerin99.97912.568 days ago
36Ghøstknight43.47912.0010 days ago
37Ripcat4.10911.1910 days ago
38Doppiee1.05910.8810 days ago
39Harryanne1.20910.6910 days ago
40Bläckhead0.56910.6910 days ago
41Elucifer4.20910.2510 days ago
42Martai1.20910.2510 days ago
43Djubre44.16910.2510 days ago
44Martaix4.10908.8110 days ago
45Itzoverhomie28.42908.8110 days ago
46Speerits4.25908.5010 days ago
47Krusé0.45907.9410 days ago
48Tiqo0.15907.8110 days ago
49Ahlinder0.15907.7510 days ago
50Nortox4.41907.562 days ago
51Felhoreath4.10906.751 day ago
52Kalthreza0.00906.6310 days ago
53Jiffay0.00905.5010 days ago
54Honingbij0.70905.0610 days ago
55Walsoe0.45905.0610 days ago
56Skoor0.71904.9410 days ago
57Elderthrall1.12903.948 days ago
58Ukthan0.84903.6310 days ago
59Verethragna0.56903.5010 days ago
60Winterfairy0.00903.3810 days ago
61Sánq0.00902.3810 days ago
62Blackstarfit0.00901.7510 days ago
63Thycondrius0.90901.256 days ago
64Jelindah4.25900.8810 days ago
65Lumberjack0.00900.6910 days ago
66Ayreana0.00900.4410 days ago
67Rockmee1.12899.8110 days ago
68Stayinalive0.00898.751 day ago
69Raxtone0.00898.5610 days ago
70Demorica0.00898.3110 days ago
71Chanea0.00897.9410 days ago
72Moonfairy0.00897.5010 days ago
73Guyane0.00897.1310 days ago
74Foefoe0.00896.883 days ago
75Clunge0.00896.6310 days ago
76Starfit0.14896.5610 days ago
77Mangolx0.00896.5610 days ago
78Aceless0.00896.4410 days ago
79Sixtuz0.56896.1910 days ago
80Maxwill0.00895.8110 days ago
81Busujimâ0.00894.8810 days ago
82Sweetsweet0.00894.8110 days ago
83Enimp0.00894.2510 days ago
84Pellon0.00892.8810 days ago
85Faynt0.00892.5610 days ago
86Viyta0.00892.0610 days ago
87Ebonlock0.00891.8810 days ago
88Shiznitt0.00891.8810 days ago
89Accesdenied0.00891.6310 days ago
90Syrghet0.00889.9410 days ago
91Dæmonkrid0.00889.3110 days ago
92Stormz0.00889.3110 days ago
93Saphïrä0.00888.0610 days ago
94Bûsújima0.00887.9410 days ago
95Trexzii0.00886.2510 days ago
96Malindah0.00886.1310 days ago
97Saganea0.00885.5610 days ago
98Paladinyoh0.00884.0610 days ago
99Lebrondruid0.00883.8110 days ago
100Streetspirit0.00883.1910 days ago
101Waterfairy0.00883.0610 days ago
102Aiqo0.00881.6910 days ago
103Tigolbits0.00881.3110 days ago
104Flyingstorm0.00881.198 hours ago
105Amurnydeid0.00881.0610 days ago
106Rodusk0.00880.5610 days ago
107Lewando0.00880.3810 days ago
108Kaelthan0.00880.1910 days ago
109Doncowleone0.00879.5010 days ago
110Hollowga0.00877.3110 days ago
111Asphyxian0.00877.1910 days ago
112Maybot0.00875.4410 days ago
113Susquahanna0.00875.382 days ago
114Ghøstlight0.00875.3110 days ago
115Doppie0.00873.1310 days ago
116Gross0.00872.1910 days ago
117Tíqo0.00871.6310 days ago
118Ceerine0.00870.3810 days ago
119Leviathân0.00869.255 days ago
120Felxtinquish0.00868.2510 days ago
121Lemonita0.00866.5610 days ago
122Kylias0.00866.5610 days ago
123Taiyana0.00866.0610 days ago
124Minfiremage0.00866.0610 days ago
125Anometo0.00866.006 days ago
126Myxomatosis0.00865.5610 days ago
127Fuzzýlogic0.00865.2510 days ago
128Mesterhansen0.00863.8110 days ago
129Teyanna0.00862.7510 days ago
130Chaøs0.00862.5010 days ago
131Bobwin0.00861.637 days ago
132Bitrin0.00857.9410 days ago
133Gigalíth0.00857.5010 days ago
134Ghøstlink0.00855.5010 days ago
135Zaylas0.00855.005 days ago
136Cakess0.00853.1910 days ago
137Ormun0.00852.3810 days ago
138Erald0.00850.8810 days ago
139Jellicious0.00849.062 days ago
140Dehyx0.00847.815 days ago
141Gullible0.00843.3810 days ago
142Xyluss0.00842.5010 days ago
143Kharagol0.00836.752 days ago
144Sixtds0.00836.2510 days ago
145Caorin0.00833.138 days ago
146Oiuher0.00832.568 days ago
147Outkastz0.00832.382 days ago
148Tüllie0.00832.198 days ago
149Merilinel0.00824.0010 days ago
150Skiferseeper0.00813.2510 days ago
151Warrmageddon0.00806.2510 days ago
152Doznblu0.00804.008 days ago
153Ghøstbolt0.00800.3810 days ago
154Dummyz43.47798.1310 days ago
155Thorianos0.00794.2510 days ago
156Faynted0.00793.6910 days ago
157Skantlan0.00793.3810 days ago
158Sîlvana0.00765.0010 days ago

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