Update Progress for El Clan de los Exiliados

EU (ES)-Exodar

1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress usually cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, we have to wait for a fix.

Select Characters to Update

UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Asot28839.81910.3147 minutes ago
2Lux3878.88909.3847 minutes ago
3Abismante28864.88909.0047 minutes ago
4Thrâx51678.85908.5647 minutes ago
5Derkah28878.88907.6947 minutes ago
6Ubicua28842.50907.2547 minutes ago
7Wïsor51659.08907.1347 minutes ago
8Gaadum51642.61906.8147 minutes ago
9Polcar48298.14906.8147 minutes ago
10Erzascärlet27832.66906.8147 minutes ago
11Lupanar28255.58906.6347 minutes ago
12Fenso5583.44906.1347 minutes ago
13Lobhömbre27857.72906.0647 minutes ago
14Jasonborges4731.35906.0647 minutes ago
15Thorvard51642.61905.8847 minutes ago
16Dixtor51136.83904.8847 minutes ago
17Helel28828.69904.5647 minutes ago
18Kharrash50616.79904.1947 minutes ago
19Elfduro51667.58904.1347 minutes ago
20Sølvi3932.47904.1347 minutes ago
21Recal27448.69904.0047 minutes ago
22Lemmiwinks51184.01903.7547 minutes ago
23Ylviss4951.41903.5647 minutes ago
24Perlinn50107.95903.5047 minutes ago
25Gonzy51678.85902.9447 minutes ago
26Taigers48300.97902.695 hours ago
27Argia51678.85901.815 hours ago
28Elssars51000.91901.132 days ago
29Güadañä465.44900.752 days ago
30Dianiyaa25089.50900.692 days ago
31Khudary4823.16900.312 days ago
32Öru2562.05899.632 days ago
33Mèrlïn48851.19899.562 days ago
34Krazak420.34899.562 days ago
35Cornuadebote27598.92899.312 days ago
36Enloop87.95899.062 days ago
37Jaduj27209.13898.812 days ago
38Lycosa4433.16897.312 days ago
39Skyder48582.51897.252 days ago
40Shiinø317.45897.192 days ago
41Anatema679.50897.002 days ago
42Faëdra296.18896.882 days ago
43Panoramíx13.87896.882 days ago
44Naatura47956.91896.442 days ago
45Maerien285.43895.062 days ago
46Akë409.88893.942 days ago
47Aradema267.74893.632 days ago
48Îo340.63892.062 days ago
49Dexlesvaro44952.19891.812 days ago
50Eccelupo616.48890.882 days ago
51Daimhin332.31890.752 days ago
52Kubrick0.00889.062 days ago
53Artêmís338.29887.942 days ago
54Draeneiris92.16887.942 days ago
55Ponxo2271.26887.692 days ago
56Otsoairu1.19885.812 days ago
57Yandrâk2968.45884.442 days ago
58Kaithanuski0.00883.062 days ago
59Samdor14.25882.812 days ago
60Marlborito2398.98882.752 days ago
61Kayriú48147.04882.442 days ago
62Frics0.30882.062 days ago
63Erethal96.38881.562 days ago
64Ängely0.00881.502 days ago
65Løcknox3219.60880.502 days ago
66Almagedon0.00880.132 days ago
67Bexa383.88879.812 days ago
68Nirakes34.17879.312 days ago
69Äxêl1000.00878.882 days ago
70Miyuyo0.60878.252 days ago
71Sïlmarïl3.43878.062 days ago
72Krakovior2623.43877.312 days ago
73Lofi0.00875.562 days ago
74Beanor0.00875.062 days ago
75Egarken370.71875.002 days ago
76Luary328.63874.882 days ago
77Appynscales0.00872.632 days ago
78Artéma0.00872.632 days ago
79Ladnok150.30872.562 days ago
80Fenymoore0.00872.312 days ago
81Cybele0.00871.752 days ago
82Caraxancla0.00871.442 days ago
83Streight379.95871.442 days ago
84Gannel651.37871.312 days ago
85Otsoabat0.00870.812 days ago
86Gòldmoon270.32870.002 days ago
87Barbarojaa0.00869.632 days ago
88Chylvis349.82869.502 days ago
89Astar0.90868.942 days ago
90Xió332.49868.632 days ago
91Maeilz0.00868.312 days ago
92Santarra0.00867.942 days ago
93Rotche0.00867.562 days ago
94Roebotas0.65867.132 days ago
95Bhêkâ84.69866.692 days ago
96Mitnick328.91865.192 days ago
97Päket4.21863.882 days ago
98Ubicüa3.84863.882 days ago
99Taîger0.00863.562 days ago
100Taigershadøw0.40862.632 days ago
101Furypriest317.49862.502 days ago
102Mitô3.51861.632 days ago
103Evenstar3.70860.752 days ago
104Eilistrae0.00860.562 days ago
105Wisör65.66860.382 days ago
106Genevieve0.00860.062 days ago
107Dherka52.68859.882 days ago
108Khuday0.00858.882 days ago
109Zaÿa0.00858.252 days ago
110Siyea4.21855.752 days ago
111Kayriu0.00854.692 days ago
112Rasguín73.17854.692 days ago
113Golganeth317.01854.442 days ago
114Dakkstorm263.76853.312 days ago
115Drakcáry2393.89853.252 days ago
116Sýf4.10852.752 days ago
117Sirfil150.00851.002 days ago
118Azunar0.00850.942 days ago
119Kadeb0.00850.002 days ago
120Lesien0.00849.442 days ago
121Dobos0.00849.312 days ago
122Dardinhox0.00848.502 days ago
123Gylvis0.00848.132 days ago
124Wïsör0.00844.002 days ago
125Tâigers0.00843.942 days ago
126Khaleesitg0.00843.562 days ago
127Grunilda0.00842.942 days ago
128Tailegion0.00841.382 days ago
129Tunomechivas0.00840.062 days ago
130Lâdrillo0.00839.882 days ago
131Daishinkan0.00838.132 days ago
132Xifra0.00834.692 days ago
133Wehee0.15831.502 days ago
134Dhanys0.00831.132 days ago
135Ujuajkelion0.05830.442 days ago
136Sukan258.66828.692 days ago
137Cristine0.00827.562 days ago
138Skarlet0.00826.882 days ago
139Radi0.00825.692 days ago
140Ryü0.00824.812 days ago
141Klev218.38817.752 days ago
142Ãres0.00817.312 days ago
143Markaab0.00816.192 days ago
144Selibre0.00815.942 days ago
145Enthine0.00815.812 days ago
146Sutricon318.81809.442 days ago
147Navys0.00807.382 days ago
148Skaðï0.00806.692 days ago
149Vegamar0.00804.002 days ago
150Dhnox0.00803.312 days ago
151Konam0.00795.312 days ago
152Morthark51670.35792.312 days ago
153Elssnight0.00788.312 days ago

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