Update Progress for Requiem

EU (ES)-Los Errantes

1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress usually cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, we have to wait for a fix.

Select characters participated in the kill

The characters have to have their Battle.net profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Baenre115.98929.818 hours ago
2Vastiel116.24929.318 hours ago
3Blazer101.40926.198 hours ago
4Mëll116.24925.758 hours ago
5Viranim115.96924.448 hours ago
6Waven116.24924.388 hours ago
7Zanjin116.24924.138 hours ago
8Metrobull115.91924.138 hours ago
9Mithralas115.96924.068 hours ago
10Dilaf115.85923.818 hours ago
11Xjbv116.24922.258 hours ago
12Pmelkhor115.96922.138 hours ago
13Ærish116.24922.068 hours ago
14Tanon115.57921.568 hours ago
15Novem115.57920.948 hours ago
16Nuvil114.86920.695 hours ago
17Rokae116.24920.318 hours ago
18Hauskara115.96920.068 hours ago
19Tarsïs115.96919.258 hours ago
20Shyver114.64918.948 hours ago
21Ripah87.12918.638 hours ago
22Vyrael114.64918.388 hours ago
23Shaka4.03917.318 hours ago
24Orfell57.37916.508 hours ago
25Orlais4.32916.318 hours ago
26Clèrigo114.64915.948 hours ago
27Jinderox101.73915.888 hours ago
28Hipana53.77914.888 hours ago
29Nakar0.00913.948 hours ago
30Imprim29.32912.448 hours ago
31Æthris0.00912.138 hours ago
32Kathgul0.00911.138 hours ago
33Ganonz14.72910.388 hours ago
34Roshark0.00910.258 hours ago
35Sancucufato0.00909.138 hours ago
36Cheever0.00909.138 hours ago
37Pharn28.78909.008 hours ago
38Mocca0.00907.008 hours ago
39Alderael0.00906.0016 days ago
40Vyralzhalos0.00905.7516 days ago
41Pharetrar0.00905.1916 days ago
42Ðrui0.00905.0016 days ago
43Senhya0.00904.1316 days ago
44Herebor0.00904.1316 days ago
45Metrozael0.00902.8116 days ago
46Revolut0.00902.6316 days ago
47Raeryan4.35902.1316 days ago
48Sikre0.00901.4416 days ago
49Haghazor0.00901.2516 days ago
50Shampu0.00901.1316 days ago
51Maracrow0.57900.4416 days ago
52Triviûm0.00900.1916 days ago
53Cuchifritín0.00900.1316 days ago
54Kreis0.00899.1316 days ago
55Rhazgar0.00899.0616 days ago
56Caldwin0.00895.8116 days ago
57Drokhan0.00895.8116 days ago
58Cormaç0.00895.0016 days ago
59Grainnë0.00894.691 month ago
60Prub0.00894.441 month ago
61Ênêl0.00894.381 month ago
62Iroqués0.00893.751 month ago
63Kobaryo0.00893.691 month ago
64Jinkalar0.00893.691 month ago
65Nahliel0.00893.131 month ago
66Derrael0.00893.001 month ago
67Darkaxe0.00892.501 month ago
68Dreiøn0.00892.501 month ago
69Arsion0.00892.311 month ago
70Genn0.00892.131 month ago
71Shay0.00892.131 month ago
72Jelina0.00892.061 month ago
73Darkciara0.00891.751 month ago
74Christian0.00891.441 month ago
75Sothorian0.00890.691 month ago
76Rammus0.00889.811 month ago
77Srtanon0.00889.811 month ago
78Daegul0.00889.561 month ago
79Prubdark0.00889.441 month ago
80Udder0.00889.191 month ago
81Spectros0.00889.191 month ago
82Spectrös0.00889.061 month ago
83Kelzhagor0.00888.631 month ago
84Faradem0.00888.501 month ago
85Égida0.00888.441 month ago
86Zenaide0.00888.131 month ago
87Singhar0.00887.691 month ago
88Kaiden0.00887.631 month ago
89Menelmakar0.00887.561 month ago
90Jotakalte0.00887.3810 days ago
91Nahaste0.00887.251 month ago
92Imaldris0.00887.001 month ago
93Azarel0.00886.631 month ago
94Thalrya0.00886.561 month ago
95Denzell0.00886.311 month ago
96Mizzrym0.00885.311 month ago
97Lanthier0.00885.061 month ago
98Korkrok0.00885.001 month ago
99Metroger0.00884.941 month ago
100Sauk0.00884.811 month ago
101Tubarroow0.00884.061 month ago
102Alshen0.00884.061 month ago
103Yutsu0.00883.251 month ago
104Flepu0.00883.251 month ago
105Caesaria0.00883.061 month ago
106Arcannis0.00882.941 month ago
107Yunan0.00882.691 month ago
108Ipsar0.00882.441 month ago
109Jonnieve0.00882.251 month ago
110Drüss0.00882.191 month ago
111Leurinel0.00881.881 month ago
112Serjan0.00881.691 month ago
113Notarino0.00881.381 month ago
114Naelica0.00880.751 month ago
115Erindael0.00880.691 month ago
116Alshat0.00880.251 month ago
117Crowth0.00880.001 month ago
118Astelion0.00879.881 month ago
119Grankappa0.00879.381 month ago
120Därdalion0.00879.001 month ago
121Cilantro0.00877.381 month ago
122Clay0.00875.441 month ago
123Haadum0.00875.131 month ago
124Hallken0.00874.381 month ago
125Shaakra0.00873.561 month ago
126Onnoval0.00873.501 month ago
127Huoshan0.00872.381 month ago
128Hellshadow0.00872.251 month ago
129Torva0.00872.251 month ago
130Vosego0.00871.881 month ago
131Skarvile0.00871.811 month ago
132Enjin0.00871.311 month ago
133Baculum0.00870.001 month ago
134Horcarius0.00869.381 month ago
135Selendys0.00869.061 month ago
136Mcgonagal0.00868.941 month ago
137Zeneca0.00868.941 month ago
138Frosteye0.00868.751 month ago
139Jakanhal0.00867.941 month ago
140Dryade0.00867.751 month ago
141Kuta0.00867.631 month ago
142Brhutal0.00867.561 month ago
143Plup0.00867.381 month ago
144Craigon0.00867.001 month ago
145Lonadel0.00866.561 month ago
146Kilpi0.00865.751 month ago
147Flamaron0.00865.691 month ago
148Sharl0.00865.131 month ago
149Komarov0.00863.191 month ago
150Fogbringer0.00863.131 month ago
151Uzyra0.00863.001 month ago
152Vuori0.00862.881 month ago
153Vamú0.00862.631 month ago
154Strogonoff0.00862.561 month ago
155Oráquio0.00862.381 month ago
156Lurju0.00861.941 month ago
157Kaines0.00861.811 month ago
158Moonrise0.00860.191 month ago
159Xellôs0.00859.251 month ago
160Lorrein0.00859.001 month ago
161Dubsidia0.00858.751 month ago
162Karu0.00857.441 month ago
163Despero0.00856.881 month ago
164Rauha0.00856.441 month ago
165Felpu0.00854.811 month ago
166Havöc0.00854.441 month ago
167Etrelva0.00854.381 month ago
168Killerbi0.00854.381 month ago
169Bratkilla0.00853.941 month ago
170Kerne0.00853.881 month ago
171Sullyra0.00852.631 month ago
172Taiga0.00852.251 month ago
173Virihereminu0.00851.751 month ago
174Aedria0.00851.311 month ago
175Nêgan0.00851.311 month ago
176Yewizel0.00850.501 month ago
177Garakust0.00850.311 month ago
178Albion0.00849.881 month ago
179Livias0.00849.441 month ago
180Khaerlion0.00847.561 month ago
181Mataba0.00847.131 month ago
182Láthien0.00846.001 month ago
183Lînea0.00845.191 month ago
184Gadriel0.00844.561 month ago
185Pamahe0.00843.561 month ago
186Kelthariel0.00842.881 month ago
187Dhoky0.00842.631 month ago
188Shinrinyoku0.00842.501 month ago
189Overland0.00841.1927 days ago
190Irezumi0.00840.691 month ago
191Ylleria0.00839.751 month ago
192Lagertha0.00837.881 month ago
193Wildsword0.00837.061 month ago
194Ihriel0.00836.881 month ago
195Disorder0.00836.561 month ago
196Resnikov0.00834.441 month ago
197Luminara0.00833.811 month ago
198Eltarión0.00830.941 month ago
199Holysparkz0.00830.191 month ago
200Mandrukas0.00830.1310 days ago
201Tonks0.00828.381 month ago
202Cloacker0.00824.811 month ago
203Wolverk0.00820.811 month ago
204Ryza0.00813.6317 days ago
205Katsuragi0.00811.631 month ago
206Calnerissen0.00811.561 month ago
207Galthor0.00808.755 days ago
208Arïbeth0.00806.381 month ago
209Skogul0.00806.131 month ago
210Chic0.00804.441 month ago
211Goshek0.00803.9427 days ago
212Cleriguillo0.00801.001 month ago
213Wavenito0.00800.385 days ago
214Leksa0.00800.061 month ago
215Saotomi0.00798.8823 days ago
216Garadar0.00797.441 month ago
217Laris0.00797.131 month ago
218Tyshara0.00792.381 month ago
219Loktarogár0.00792.3128 days ago
220Melancthe0.00788.381 month ago
221Elthuriel0.00787.691 month ago
222Locien0.00--1 month ago
223Nuben0.00--5 days ago

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