Update Progress for Shadow Ryders

EU-The Maelstrom

1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress usually cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, we have to wait for a fix.

Select characters to update, this step lets us to scan guilds faster

Please help us specifying characters participated in the kill. The characters have to have their Battle.net profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
Note that your bosskill cannot be added if not enough characters selected.
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Márdz0.00911.944 days ago
2Uzman0.00910.754 days ago
3Djembasaur0.00909.884 days ago
4Melawèn0.00909.314 days ago
5Asajjventres0.00908.314 days ago
6Gachislave0.00908.064 days ago
7Kljovo0.00906.504 days ago
8Fizikçi0.00906.384 days ago
9Soulkeèper0.00906.314 days ago
10Anônymous0.00906.004 days ago
11Lyaira0.00905.314 days ago
12Paljadin0.00905.254 days ago
13Foozhulee0.00904.384 days ago
14Chaosinjo0.00904.194 days ago
15Snaké0.00902.944 days ago
16Démonhunter0.00901.944 days ago
17Kilal0.00901.814 days ago
18Raphaflaffa0.00901.444 days ago
19Iciclegodx0.00900.564 days ago
20Lightmeup0.00900.314 days ago
21Hitagi0.00899.814 days ago
22Shinokaze0.00898.444 days ago
23Danicá0.00898.444 days ago
24Hunkilijana0.00897.944 days ago
25Magnita0.00897.254 days ago
26Nutzz0.00896.814 days ago
27Estellaa0.00896.504 days ago
28Athrion0.00896.134 days ago
29Stéadfast0.00895.754 days ago
30Warbladé0.00893.004 days ago
31Mcstruds0.00892.444 days ago
32Niagria0.00888.884 days ago
33Lurcen0.00888.314 days ago
34Venera0.00887.884 days ago
35Peekachoo0.00887.694 days ago
36Sicret0.00887.564 days ago
37Francor0.00886.504 days ago
38Antimoose0.00886.384 days ago
39Chucklidelli0.00886.194 days ago
40Akvavit0.00886.194 days ago
41Changslang0.00885.384 days ago
42Xeryus0.00883.884 days ago
43Jullina0.00881.814 days ago
44Squishyboy0.00881.814 days ago
45Mêcina0.00880.814 days ago
46Kretenba0.00879.944 days ago
47Rickity0.00879.694 days ago
48Elegibo0.00879.384 days ago
49Drarse0.00879.064 days ago
50Peekabooh0.00878.504 days ago
51Ducktape0.00878.194 days ago
52Diakonen0.00877.384 days ago
53Destró0.00875.254 days ago
54Kataja0.00874.694 days ago
55Fettywap0.00874.694 days ago
56Perkwunos0.00874.504 days ago
57Nîggzt0.00874.134 days ago
58Katarii0.00873.754 days ago
59Zirnitru0.00873.194 days ago
60Pauliplays0.00873.004 days ago
61Jeffgoldblum0.00873.004 days ago
62Hardclassyo0.00872.134 days ago
63Cytx0.00871.944 days ago
64Heidseick0.00871.884 days ago
65Krvavidk0.00868.064 days ago
66Eowin0.00867.134 days ago
67Bucken0.00866.634 days ago
68Nïggzt0.00866.384 days ago
69Nyrenthya0.00863.634 days ago
70Kyyu0.00863.194 days ago
71Madnesforce0.00863.134 days ago
72Kanonkosten0.00863.064 days ago
73Luniz0.00860.754 days ago
74Rustzor0.00858.814 days ago
75Cilandyra0.00858.134 days ago
76Peekaluck0.00855.754 days ago
77Revanchista0.00855.504 days ago
78Prl0.00855.254 days ago
79Katari0.00851.884 days ago
80Vesalius0.00851.254 days ago
81Savonkarhu0.00849.884 days ago
82Destructionf0.00848.814 days ago
83Bonsaì0.00848.634 days ago
84Mosran0.00845.384 days ago
85Brko0.00843.884 days ago
86Sillentstorm0.00843.254 days ago
87Semenhuntres0.00842.504 days ago
88Yzael0.00842.064 days ago
89Qisrem0.00840.134 days ago
90Indignus0.00817.194 days ago
91Níggzt0.00814.634 days ago
92Critcapped0.00799.444 days ago

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