Update Progress for DarkStorm


1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress usually cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, we have to wait for a fix.

Select Characters to Update

UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Monoroth196567.22918.505 hours ago
2Aeristiboom196287.00915.9410 hours ago
3Meche196567.22915.8810 hours ago
4Noxios163219.70915.8810 hours ago
5Pteros173089.77915.7510 hours ago
6Specia196567.22915.6310 hours ago
7Jabbaseek191270.12914.945 hours ago
8Lurx196567.22914.7510 hours ago
9Zedana151545.95914.6910 hours ago
10Seerax196567.22914.445 hours ago
11Winklestab183236.60914.2510 hours ago
12Dexstyle81497.39914.1310 hours ago
13Fabric139439.91913.755 hours ago
14Rasenshunt181568.83913.3810 hours ago
15Nuitarí196567.22913.2510 hours ago
16Wots191270.12913.1310 hours ago
17Spicysteve174322.03912.9410 hours ago
18Êlement153776.87912.6310 hours ago
19Thalocxx192383.38912.318 hours ago
20Hannumon96673.46911.9410 hours ago
21Berrí162377.70911.7510 hours ago
22Kaguny191270.12911.6910 hours ago
23Pichisenpai192683.55911.1910 hours ago
24Dschuna147923.94910.1310 hours ago
25Nymzeepriest66801.71909.5010 hours ago
26Darksend144493.16907.817 days ago
27Falsefiction140603.69907.697 days ago
28Derp67257.25907.505 days ago
29Xenorie141010.28906.637 days ago
30Dyabolyks571.35906.1314 hours ago
31Anettheron50367.01906.137 days ago
32Trallás2307.98906.007 days ago
33Relhuszan136904.61906.007 days ago
34Swaglich28702.09905.757 days ago
35Aeristial49441.96905.697 days ago
36Shaedarr975.53905.387 days ago
37Optimas25852.14905.197 days ago
38Varjoliiza744.98904.751 day ago
39Jenkø856.39904.507 days ago
40Slackstyle37350.62904.137 days ago
41Dschunabrow25771.02904.007 days ago
42Dyalol0.00903.817 days ago
43Spacedout138569.63903.817 days ago
44Thalocdh46470.63903.757 days ago
45Lillija65699.65903.697 days ago
46Nymzee130449.38903.507 days ago
47Vashock669.68903.443 days ago
48Brissy46487.17903.387 days ago
49Blindnotdeaf1965.72903.387 days ago
50Fabriq49253.26902.757 days ago
51Jabbanun850.63902.637 days ago
52Derpalina137080.23902.567 days ago
53Vashor2443.38901.817 days ago
54Benchy582.53901.817 days ago
55Suprep1403.69901.567 days ago
56Gavïn50159.77901.507 days ago
57Narnak116.87901.447 days ago
58Rasensa645.90901.317 days ago
59Rasendha49259.79901.137 days ago
60Naxmenthus50298.59900.447 days ago
61Dory1707.59900.197 days ago
62Zedadin48541.33900.197 days ago
63Stary46481.97900.062 days ago
64Suprea1245.09899.697 days ago
65Kuiskaaja65665.21899.697 days ago
66Mågeklatten794.59899.507 days ago
67Winklebae73152.30899.387 days ago
68Lezabel1224.94899.387 days ago
69Holygák73035.66899.067 days ago
70Dschunie12.43899.067 days ago
71Trallas893.35898.567 days ago
72Macio50373.58898.447 days ago
73Zylvlol937.59898.387 days ago
74Jabbachan45284.08898.007 days ago
75Smugru1075.03897.887 days ago
76Jenthas590.39897.447 days ago
77Ashgröve70092.47897.447 days ago
78Thorwal49161.50897.387 days ago
79Dyabolik0.84897.137 days ago
80Hotgak2321.13897.067 days ago
81Nazhrak3997.81897.067 days ago
82Cèsc61399.12896.567 days ago
83Xynky905.09896.507 days ago
84Pichika728.08896.507 days ago
85Lexini50361.85896.257 days ago
86Pichico3539.81895.507 days ago
87Norissarri424.87895.447 days ago
88Boatjob435.48894.137 days ago
89Corlyna45280.69893.947 days ago
90Razenza403.67893.317 days ago
91Kadyia50373.58892.887 days ago
92Nerdhacker46487.17892.567 days ago
93Saínz54.76892.197 days ago
94Fabrix326.02891.697 days ago
95Nymzeedin127624.89891.447 days ago
96Jenidan327.78891.311 day ago
97Gloina66439.67891.067 days ago
98Tentai2789.96890.887 days ago
99Pterospal48378.63890.137 days ago
100Ràven3102.78889.757 days ago
101Maageklatten73145.73889.697 days ago
102Blurryface809.60889.637 days ago
103Lurxidan0.00889.507 days ago
104Jupitus2.93889.387 days ago
105Lespa329.66888.817 days ago
106Macroklatten0.00887.947 days ago
107Ok790.88887.817 days ago
108Maageklat1142.72887.257 days ago
109Scorpeon53805.09887.137 days ago
110Geoph66490.42886.887 days ago
111Amenoteph101.47886.567 days ago
112Endorfine266.74885.817 days ago
113Reyha440.73885.817 days ago
114Cowwhisperer41.82885.697 days ago
115Wòts47220.58884.507 days ago
116Stabbí47243.75884.387 days ago
117Bielanova791.96884.257 days ago
118Nailon48402.78884.137 days ago
119Telg329.12883.637 days ago
120Häkk71780.68883.197 days ago
121Applepot3.35883.137 days ago
122Busterkills565.82883.067 days ago
123Tiggqt659.71882.067 days ago
124Faruna378.76882.007 days ago
125Sentry287.51881.637 days ago
126Deaqon0.90881.257 days ago
127Rehl0.00879.387 days ago
128Hanzø229.55877.817 days ago
129Tryz0.00877.697 days ago
130Zeerax1097.53876.947 days ago
131Crystalbeth59.10876.067 days ago
132Sourfeng3.69876.007 days ago
133Hakknopëng226.11875.887 days ago
134Deäqon0.00875.067 days ago
135Netharion174.08873.757 days ago
136Blubzor0.00873.317 days ago
137Lilijalover0.00873.197 days ago
138Xururuca437.18872.197 days ago
139Nymzeé0.00872.067 days ago
140Ztarx62.25871.067 days ago
141Geeko442.22870.067 days ago
142Hakknopeng0.00869.947 days ago
143Gloinatwo3193.31869.637 days ago
144Pichie373.88868.947 days ago
145Korudo3.64868.447 days ago
146Derplance337.59868.314 days ago
147Winkletoot0.00868.137 days ago
148Deaqón0.00866.817 days ago
149Zicha0.00865.197 days ago
150Deâqon0.00864.697 days ago
151Epitaph0.00864.257 days ago
152Baelaar0.00863.007 days ago
153Xync0.00862.637 days ago
154Tiggye2.58862.317 days ago
155Serax373.88862.137 days ago
156Zynthoros0.00861.257 days ago
157Xurudin4.25860.887 days ago
158Mythodia0.00859.197 days ago
159Hakknpeng442.23858.197 days ago
160Cirith0.00857.637 days ago
161Diamandis0.00857.257 days ago
162Lilprincessx0.30856.947 days ago
163Taeyeon437.32853.817 days ago
164Fitharn442.23853.697 days ago
165Eighteen0.00853.637 days ago
166Toehold4.30853.507 days ago
167Razensa14.93852.757 days ago
168Draki0.00852.447 days ago
169Axism0.00844.887 days ago
170Dolz5914.13841.447 days ago
171Faelaya0.00838.007 days ago
172Panzermonkey0.00835.197 days ago
173Rasenza0.00832.507 days ago
174Thisk150.00820.887 days ago
175Psylence0.00817.257 days ago
176Oshya0.00813.947 days ago
177Shaedar0.00811.131 day ago
178Katface0.00795.947 days ago
179Aeristiel25000.00795.757 days ago
180Meisei0.00791.817 days ago

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