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Would you like to also update individual characters? (to update bosskill setup)

The characters have to have their profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Pteros5058.59934.311 day ago
2Aeristiboom5058.59933.5616 hours ago
3Winklestab5050.23933.5616 hours ago
4Laura5056.39933.2516 hours ago
5Spicysteve5003.70932.8116 hours ago
6Lurx5075.48932.6916 hours ago
7Noxios5075.48932.631 day ago
8Kuiskaaja5047.75932.2516 hours ago
9Zedana5075.48931.8816 hours ago
10Wots3642.77931.311 day ago
11Dexstyle5011.56931.2516 hours ago
12Nymzeepriest5047.75931.0616 hours ago
13Fabric4356.05930.691 day ago
14Dschunabrow2967.61930.251 day ago
15Macio5075.48930.1916 hours ago
16Nicma5058.66930.001 day ago
17Forgy4323.87929.7545 minutes ago
18Thalocxx5056.39929.4423 hours ago
19Cryptbreaker4355.98929.251 day ago
20Nymzee437.27928.631 day ago
21Holygák437.27928.251 day ago
22Jabbazeek3443.81928.191 day ago
23Jabbaseek4377.23928.061 day ago
24Monoroth3691.16928.001 day ago
25Seerax5067.12927.131 day ago
26Ràven442.38927.131 day ago
27Rasensa4396.32926.881 day ago
28Duskx4314.74926.881 day ago
29Aleph3646.66926.441 day ago
30Meche438.98925.941 day ago
31Jenidan71.56925.561 day ago
32Dschuna1413.62925.061 day ago
33Kaguny5058.66924.881 day ago
34Curlyg424.03924.501 day ago
35Noxxi437.27924.441 day ago
36Aeristial438.98924.191 day ago
37Pterospal435.66924.191 day ago
38Slackstyle425.84923.941 day ago
39Reyha443.85923.381 day ago
40Swaglich437.27922.691 day ago
41Swagnaros402.75922.381 day ago
42Anettheron437.27920.691 day ago
43Shaedarr444.35920.501 day ago
44Wòts437.27920.251 day ago
45Moshk97.37920.191 day ago
46Nuitarí44.14919.501 day ago
47Fabriq438.98919.501 day ago
48Hannumon437.27919.191 day ago
49Blindnotdeaf425.84918.811 day ago
50Dyabolyks425.57918.631 day ago
51Brissy437.27918.311 day ago
52Dschunablock4.13918.131 day ago
53Saínz437.66917.631 day ago
54Flazz438.92917.561 day ago
55Zedadin435.66917.191 day ago
56Thalocdh438.98917.001 day ago
57Jabbanun438.98916.631 day ago
58Borgy94.04916.311 day ago
59Winklebae438.98916.191 day ago
60Varjoliiza424.17915.381 day ago
61Specia0.00915.311 day ago
62Cèsc413.97915.001 day ago
63Norissarri0.56914.811 day ago
64Berrí438.92914.631 day ago
65Corlyna438.92914.501 day ago
66Ashgröve116.75913.691 day ago
67Zicha397.35913.381 day ago
68Hallamon81.69913.251 day ago
69Stary0.00913.001 day ago
70Thorwal437.27912.751 day ago
71Pterosdru0.00912.191 day ago
72Pichisenpai0.00911.811 day ago
73Xynky14.77911.501 day ago
74Mixtape0.00910.881 day ago
75Jenkø0.00910.501 day ago
76Fabrix0.00909.501 day ago
77Mormazor99.16909.131 day ago
78Xynk4.08908.251 day ago
79Trallás0.00908.061 day ago
80Darksend0.00907.811 day ago
81Vashor4.40907.001 day ago
82Nazhrak14.69907.001 day ago
83Wizerpls14.28906.881 day ago
84Xenorie0.00906.631 day ago
85Relhuszan0.00906.001 day ago
86Pichika0.00905.501 day ago
87Optimas0.00905.191 day ago
88Dyalol0.00905.131 day ago
89Tentai4.14905.061 day ago
90Trallas0.00904.561 day ago
91Girisha0.00904.061 day ago
92Lillija0.00903.691 day ago
93Dschunie0.00903.561 day ago
94Rasendha0.00903.501 day ago
95Unbalanced0.00902.751 day ago
96Royalt0.00902.691 day ago
97Mågeklatten0.00902.001 day ago
98Riffraffs0.00902.001 day ago
99Suprep0.00901.561 day ago
100Stabbí119.10901.561 day ago
101Èdgar0.00901.501 day ago
102Naxmenthus0.00900.441 day ago
103Dory0.00900.191 day ago
104Suprea0.00899.811 day ago
105Zylvlol0.00899.381 day ago
106Lezabel0.00899.381 day ago
107Sammye0.00899.381 day ago
108Dugar0.00899.131 day ago
109Jenthas0.00899.001 day ago
110Jupitus0.00898.811 day ago
111Lexini0.00898.441 day ago
112Tryz0.00898.191 day ago
113Jabbachan0.00898.001 day ago
114Smugru0.00897.881 day ago
115Dyabolik0.00897.631 day ago
116Hotgak0.00897.061 day ago
117Pichico0.00895.501 day ago
118Korudo0.00894.811 day ago
119Razenza0.00893.311 day ago
120Kadyia0.00892.881 day ago
121Ok0.00892.811 day ago
122Maric0.00892.441 day ago
123Nymzeedin0.00891.441 day ago
124Gloina0.00891.061 day ago
125Lurxidan0.00890.441 day ago
126Maageklatten0.00889.691 day ago
127Blurryface0.00889.631 day ago
128Amenoteph0.00889.061 day ago
129Scorpeon0.00889.001 day ago
130Lespa0.00888.811 day ago
131Jabbalock0.00888.811 day ago
132Coverduckx0.70888.751 day ago
133Macroklatten0.00887.941 day ago
134Maciodh0.00887.441 day ago
135Maageklat0.00887.251 day ago
136Sentry0.00887.191 day ago
137Endorfine0.00885.811 day ago
138Crystalbeth0.00885.561 day ago
139Bielanova0.00884.251 day ago
140Nailon0.00884.131 day ago
141Xync0.00884.001 day ago
142Telg0.00883.631 day ago
143Busterkills0.00883.061 day ago
144Vedar0.00882.691 day ago
145Faruna0.00882.001 day ago
146Deaqon0.00881.251 day ago
147Hanzø0.00881.191 day ago
148Zynthoros0.00880.061 day ago
149Rehl0.00879.381 day ago
150Hakknopëng0.00878.061 day ago
151Zeerax0.00876.941 day ago
152Blubzor0.00875.131 day ago
153Deäqon0.00875.061 day ago
154Netharion0.00874.381 day ago
155Lilijalover0.00873.191 day ago
156Xururuca0.00872.191 day ago
157Nymzeé0.00872.061 day ago
158Geeko0.00870.061 day ago
159Gloinatwo0.00869.631 day ago
160Pichie0.00868.941 day ago
161Baelaar0.00868.631 day ago
162Winkletoot0.00868.131 day ago
163Mythodia0.00867.561 day ago
164Deaqón0.00866.811 day ago
165Deâqon0.00864.691 day ago
166Epitaph0.00864.251 day ago
167Serax0.00862.131 day ago
168Xurudin0.00860.251 day ago
169Hakknpeng0.00858.191 day ago
170Taeyeon0.00858.131 day ago
171Cirith0.00857.941 day ago
172Diamandis0.00857.251 day ago
173Lilprincessx0.00856.941 day ago
174Fitharn0.00853.691 day ago
175Eighteen0.00853.631 day ago
176Toehold0.00853.501 day ago
177Razensa0.00852.751 day ago
178Draki0.00852.441 day ago
179Plahto0.00845.381 day ago
180Axism0.00844.881 day ago
181Dolz0.00841.441 day ago
182Faelaya0.00838.001 day ago
183Panzermonkey0.00835.191 day ago
184Mathaen0.00834.001 day ago
185Rasenza0.00833.131 day ago
186Thalabution0.00830.691 day ago
187Shaedar0.00824.811 day ago
188Thisk0.00821.191 day ago
189Psylence0.00817.251 day ago
190Oshya0.00813.941 day ago
191Katface0.00795.941 day ago
192Meisei0.00795.881 day ago
193Aeristiel0.00795.751 day ago

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