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Would you like to also update individual characters? (to update bosskill setup)

The characters have to have their profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Элоки360.50446.751 day ago
2Лерона82.62445.501 day ago
3Валордк8828.03445.061 day ago
4Чихайя360.50444.131 day ago
5Снайпик378.83443.311 day ago
6Ентраанз378.83442.811 day ago
7Ургент378.83442.381 day ago
8Каенис4218.16442.311 day ago
9Черногровка378.83442.061 day ago
10Керидвен378.83441.881 day ago
11Добрыйдрулль378.83441.811 day ago
12Бутрек355.52441.631 day ago
13Рогнагер378.83441.501 day ago
14Мерсилония360.50441.191 day ago
15Маккиск378.83440.311 day ago
16Аргдан378.83438.501 day ago
17Блэйззер355.52438.381 day ago
18Психинатор378.83437.941 day ago
19Каоруко252.06437.941 day ago
20Агрэссор322.05437.381 day ago
21Науриель378.83436.501 day ago
22Астиаг378.83436.441 day ago
23Глинвигис378.83436.381 day ago
24Хья378.83436.191 day ago
25Ссергей355.52435.811 day ago
26Миллири355.52435.811 day ago
27Швабр252.06435.691 day ago
28Алклаоглик378.83435.061 day ago
29Ллион252.06434.311 day ago
30Тарвемадда100.17434.131 day ago
31Нибели306.99433.811 day ago
32Анчелотти100.89432.941 day ago
33Лисати101.28432.131 day ago
34Дупся378.83430.381 day ago
35Хантрикс55.58429.381 day ago
36Виланда58.31428.501 day ago
37Смягл55.58428.311 day ago
38Такаши59.13427.561 day ago
39Эллохар55.58426.811 day ago
40Армерс282.17426.751 day ago
41Адани378.83426.631 day ago
42Тэлинн0.84425.381 day ago
43Деквен99.61424.501 day ago
44Фитрила101.28423.251 day ago
45Крибабус0.00423.061 day ago
46Аскальт45.30421.382 hours ago
47Эксти0.00420.631 day ago
48Рангрид55.25419.561 day ago
49Дзиюнь0.75418.251 day ago
50Шансонетка364.87418.191 day ago
51Добрыйлокк0.60417.941 day ago
52Святодон44.64417.811 day ago
53Ликаан0.32417.501 day ago
54Скея63.02415.811 day ago
55Адамантида3.53415.751 day ago
56Шакунти0.00415.501 day ago
57Шансонеткаа6883.63415.381 day ago
58Клера0.13414.441 day ago
59Гонеле4.16414.441 day ago
60Донниссимо43.76414.381 day ago
61Добрыйрыцарь5506.20412.631 day ago
62Бигфазерс0.00411.811 day ago
63Лийенр0.00410.881 day ago
64Онсквол0.39410.751 day ago
65Кэтра7243.95410.631 day ago
66Аргвар0.75410.251 day ago
67Шагран0.00409.941 day ago
68Ваенрог0.00407.441 day ago
69Артен14.93407.061 day ago
70Варенник404.74405.251 day ago
71Тетранда0.90404.251 day ago
72Евкандратий0.75404.061 day ago
73Сузумебачи40.84403.311 day ago
74Эйв0.00402.751 day ago
75Акватофана57.47402.501 day ago
76Арг3.76402.191 day ago
77Аззазелл0.48401.131 day ago
78Мисисджейси55.80399.881 day ago
79Тестуда3.15399.001 day ago
80Фльё0.00398.191 day ago
81Ворришка0.00397.941 day ago
82Саталу53.00397.881 day ago
83Ихабучил0.00397.381 day ago
84Иредзуми358.04397.381 day ago
85Лемби4.58396.941 day ago
86Чиэра616.18396.001 day ago
87Содошка3.75396.001 day ago
88Таруга0.00395.131 day ago
89Сэймусан0.75394.381 day ago
90Ашотавтошот0.00393.251 day ago
91Виккари14.65392.881 day ago
92Элкет0.00392.811 day ago
93Радонеж6686.25390.941 day ago
94Силвар0.00390.191 day ago
95Илюминати0.00389.441 day ago
96Злота0.00389.251 day ago
97Ольга0.00388.061 day ago
98Иолерис0.00387.191 day ago
99Вромет0.00384.881 day ago
100Миралисса0.00377.311 day ago
101Малковъич0.00376.631 day ago
102Аргдру68.81376.381 day ago
103Сталевласна0.00375.691 day ago
104Гюндаган0.00373.441 day ago
105Данксайд0.00373.191 day ago
106Нобио596.72372.381 day ago
107Эррио0.00370.691 day ago
108Аргалок55.25368.881 day ago
109Аргентумчик0.00363.631 day ago
110Ирониа0.00362.941 day ago
111Гроварг0.00361.811 day ago
112Майрис0.00349.251 day ago
113Хьяви0.00346.001 day ago
114Кенлех0.00343.501 day ago
115Синхара0.00342.311 day ago
116Даблл355.52341.501 day ago
117Телмарион0.00341.501 day ago
118Тамика0.00341.311 day ago
119Эгсам40.84330.881 day ago
120Латгардис0.00326.751 day ago
121Кристфор0.00294.001 day ago

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