Update Progress for Сумрачные коты

EU (RU)-Голдринн

1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress usually cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, we have to wait for a fix.

Select characters participated in the kill

The characters have to have their Battle.net profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Кувуис7047.22441.751 day ago
2Эндрольф13.54435.811 day ago
3Каэрлоеда332.09435.191 day ago
4Ариолия391.91432.501 day ago
5Бестальд0.00431.751 day ago
6Пегч12.78427.691 day ago
7Нерогром315.62427.381 day ago
8Рогсаня16.44424.311 day ago
9Рагинон0.84423.811 day ago
10Индиборка0.00422.561 day ago
11Селенурка0.00420.311 day ago
12Даймондлорд34.98420.001 day ago
13Тэшейра0.75419.941 day ago
14Няфоня327.25419.811 day ago
15Жилдабыл10.56418.381 day ago
16Роладор0.00416.691 day ago
17Маггиланн388.65416.191 day ago
18Ракотище0.00415.501 day ago
19Воренлия0.00414.941 day ago
20Джексоншам724.40414.631 day ago
21Эридиан0.00413.941 day ago
22Вольфгрэй0.00412.501 day ago
23Нафонька0.00411.941 day ago
24Стармист0.00410.061 day ago
25Курика0.00409.751 day ago
26Няфонька0.00408.881 day ago
27Гварнерий0.00408.131 day ago
28Иванир3.96406.881 day ago
29Величайщая0.00402.561 day ago
30Стыдослав0.00400.561 day ago
31Сульфурона0.00400.191 day ago
32Синдждекс4.46399.941 day ago
33Пиркоман0.00399.941 day ago
34Нетудыхата0.00399.251 day ago
35Шимеус0.00399.061 day ago
36Особенноенот53.33398.131 day ago
37Стражхрамов724.40397.811 day ago
38Дзысь0.00397.061 day ago
39Джексдру0.00396.061 day ago
40Магиланн0.00394.811 day ago
41Маеев0.00394.251 day ago
42Мистраж0.00393.191 day ago
43Тацитае4.31393.061 day ago
44Омушаль0.00392.061 day ago
45Райнавир0.00391.691 day ago
46Далио0.45391.501 day ago
47Пирист0.00387.501 day ago
48Злобныймёд63.03387.191 day ago
49Чудовисчэ0.00381.381 day ago
50Зыбук0.00380.441 day ago
51Дюнкер0.65379.251 day ago
52Ктонада52.91378.001 day ago
53Ёгер355.27377.631 day ago
54Диморин0.00377.441 day ago
55Дэфион0.00376.941 day ago
56Сизарис0.00375.441 day ago
57Хэсэо0.00372.191 day ago
58Лаодзи724.40371.251 day ago
59Элипскарт92.52370.501 day ago
60Зеускард0.00369.381 day ago
61Рэцу0.00369.381 day ago
62Палникс685.61368.751 day ago
63Дишифратор0.00366.001 day ago
64Неларий0.00364.251 day ago
65Клейди724.40363.061 day ago
66Раброндан0.00362.941 day ago
67Тионника87.51362.751 day ago
68Полсотни0.77362.631 day ago
69Хромвен55.82362.501 day ago
70Бурмака0.00362.311 day ago
71Стэннли0.00361.941 day ago
72Деладриэль724.40360.501 day ago
73Мэларин0.00357.691 day ago
74Иллиданночка0.00357.251 day ago
75Гостинева4.31356.441 day ago
76Эстбрад0.00356.191 day ago
77Свежаяводаа73.86355.881 day ago
78Грабин0.00354.311 day ago
79Дедекинд0.00353.441 day ago
80Сладкиймед0.00353.251 day ago
81Фимтоплащ0.90353.191 day ago
82Кунарай0.00351.941 day ago
83Драгобар0.00351.381 day ago
84Мефистончик0.00350.751 day ago
85Репфина0.45346.501 day ago
86Эзк0.00344.631 day ago
87Старфол0.30344.561 day ago
88Арарекр0.00344.251 day ago
89Джеконпалка4.20341.251 day ago
90Харадон0.00339.381 day ago
91Миндвей0.00336.881 day ago
92Кусакаенот0.00334.191 day ago
93Катаклизмтут0.00331.251 day ago
94Пофигмен0.00329.001 day ago
95Луныйклык0.00327.251 day ago
96Юии0.00319.631 day ago
97Деломорта0.00308.381 day ago
98Амиса0.00300.311 day ago
99Айланир0.00299.311 day ago
100Лорелайа0.00293.751 day ago
101Кацуга0.00290.941 day ago
102Каринуш0.00285.441 day ago
103Мефо0.00266.881 day ago
104Эвиттаа0.00259.881 day ago
105Шептунка0.00258.061 day ago
106Нехрофос0.00252.751 day ago
107Шадоуборн0.0096.751 day ago

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