Added to queue for a quick guild news scan (Mythic bosses only!)
Please check back the guild page later.

Would you like to also update individual characters? (to update bosskill setup)

The characters have to have their profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Сайгерт13.67459.8116 days ago
2Романьела44.45457.9416 days ago
3Лижибока402.67444.0616 days ago
4Ранейр0.70442.8816 days ago
5Пристулик10388.17441.3116 days ago
6Воледос18142.55440.3816 days ago
7Лаклан18241.28439.8116 days ago
8Эйнори0.00439.0016 days ago
9Дартел18975.70438.8116 days ago
10Падача9363.54438.3816 days ago
11Спектрус0.99437.3816 days ago
12Скейджи17806.19437.0616 days ago
13Местралл49.43436.6316 days ago
14Падачник43.53434.9416 days ago
15Графамурский0.00433.6316 days ago
16Хочуназаводх0.00431.9416 days ago
17Иллидарки3.88431.6916 days ago
18Анггельская50.48431.0016 days ago
19Ллоррелея0.00429.5616 days ago
20Азак0.00429.0016 days ago
21Неумар86.86427.8116 days ago
22Харуямапро0.42427.5016 days ago
23Евронипула0.42423.8816 days ago
24Вихлекирка0.98423.3816 days ago
25Фейлерес0.82421.5016 days ago
26Велониоре42.54420.6916 days ago
27Талинианна75.72419.8816 days ago
28Тарили6833.55417.3116 days ago
29Рэлс4.13415.8116 days ago
30Азэмия0.00415.1316 days ago
31Йюми14111.70414.3816 days ago
32Феанорамгдн0.00414.3816 days ago
33Базилиос2022.62412.6316 days ago
34Муетро0.00406.3116 days ago
35Шигуруи75.16406.1316 days ago
36Колман14.72400.6916 days ago
37Волеар0.00396.7516 days ago
38Клеопатла0.00396.6916 days ago
39Наррила0.00394.0016 days ago
40Мадара4.23387.3116 days ago
41Касуни1344.62382.9416 days ago
42Васятко84.04376.0616 days ago
43Пробивало0.00369.8816 days ago
44Тьфутьма43.50366.3816 days ago
45Кэйбал0.00363.8816 days ago
46Хастир697.01360.2516 days ago
47Мирроник0.45358.3116 days ago
48Нортра697.01358.1316 days ago
49Катрашукилл0.84356.3116 days ago
50Асдариан75.70349.0016 days ago
51Старфолвхату0.74348.6316 days ago
52Рунэриэль8.40345.8816 days ago
53Килентор0.00320.1916 days ago
54Метилзарин0.00309.2516 days ago

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