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Would you like to also update individual characters? (to update bosskill setup)

The characters have to have their profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Совухже21811.03446.001 day ago
2Саэрмор427.06445.811 day ago
3Гуини382.07445.251 day ago
4Кордвун408.72443.881 day ago
5Псилонец413.82442.691 day ago
6Яжефея0.00442.061 day ago
7Крынья382.07442.001 day ago
8Худуювуду395.40441.881 day ago
9Авердис13079.69441.811 day ago
10Гелчара13155.32441.441 day ago
11Селяннин12758.54441.311 day ago
12Геллочка408.72440.441 day ago
13Сириэл427.06440.061 day ago
14Миствиверша248.97440.001 day ago
15Леснойёж427.06439.501 day ago
16Шпилидцтахз258.79439.131 day ago
17Друмадерка13575.29438.941 day ago
18Лардик408.72438.811 day ago
19Балериона427.06437.251 day ago
20Асинхрон408.72437.191 day ago
21Дансман413.82437.001 day ago
22Селянинн13069.10437.001 day ago
23Лардеон382.07436.191 day ago
24Разгадайменя13823.48435.811 day ago
25Олегик383.73435.631 day ago
26Филонилия427.06435.311 day ago
27Полтонна408.72435.061 day ago
28Мелькория270.46434.691 day ago
29Мамулинборщ12647.16434.381 day ago
30Силлмарион408.72433.881 day ago
31Келиса295.44433.381 day ago
32Дансмен242.08433.191 day ago
33Эрнелла418.83432.941 day ago
34Томуська383.73431.811 day ago
35Всемпревед393.73431.691 day ago
36Ауриэт242.08431.561 day ago
37Скребун23.01431.251 day ago
38Ёжлесной86.21429.131 day ago
39Анархена247.11428.311 day ago
40Захариель97.50428.131 day ago
41Зенорил413.82427.631 day ago
42Ежиклесной14.22427.441 day ago
43Импульсивка438.11426.941 day ago
44Висти247.11424.881 day ago
45Фанк0.00424.751 day ago
46Стылость86.21423.001 day ago
47Маленькийёж388.22422.501 day ago
48Сойни87.15419.561 day ago
49Архамитень287.12418.941 day ago
50Ежлесной316.79418.811 day ago
51Латрис0.00414.191 day ago
52Доллис40.14414.001 day ago
53Ваанда354.79413.881 day ago
54Селлиястраза316.79411.631 day ago
55Тиээль56.44407.561 day ago
56Адйарададайа41.64406.811 day ago
57Стикки394.80403.251 day ago
58Гелка394.80396.441 day ago
59Мефистоэль0.00383.751 day ago
60Шэдоунн13074.12351.811 day ago
61Ненузачто0.00256.631 day ago

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