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1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress usually cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, we have to wait for a fix.

Select characters participated in the kill

The characters have to have their Battle.net profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Тоша72.80435.6922 days ago
2Иллирион86.78434.0622 days ago
3Вфпрокбро14.55433.9422 days ago
4Джерадинг72.85427.2522 days ago
5Уоми0.90426.0022 days ago
6Вапсик322.42425.3122 days ago
7Блэкберд0.00424.3822 days ago
8Хеммерфестен0.00424.2522 days ago
9Крофтище0.52419.8822 days ago
10Рутта0.12417.6922 days ago
11Иверлой4.27417.2522 days ago
12Разель0.12417.0622 days ago
13Брозелин86.72417.0622 days ago
14Полуношница22.30414.7522 days ago
15Фламэ0.00414.7522 days ago
16Абрикосовая4.02413.8822 days ago
17Фамилька0.00412.7522 days ago
18Джиимба0.00412.5022 days ago
19Кельсер67.64410.6322 days ago
20Смайлйфэйсхё0.00410.3822 days ago
21Чинарр0.00408.5022 days ago
22Нитрид0.56408.3822 days ago
23Арлин91.12406.8122 days ago
24Левела70.97405.5622 days ago
25Хомбе0.00405.3122 days ago
26Итарильдэ26.36404.3822 days ago
27Мансяш0.00402.9422 days ago
28Газгольдерх0.00402.5022 days ago
29Эстерленх26.88401.9422 days ago
30Варантий0.00401.0022 days ago
31Лабироша0.00400.9422 days ago
32Милори395.32400.4422 days ago
33Элуния0.00400.3822 days ago
34Дивихохо0.00399.3822 days ago
35Пуэнь66.89397.0022 days ago
36Аззиноткаже0.00396.8122 days ago
37Фростишкаже0.00396.2522 days ago
38Трэв75.92393.3122 days ago
39Айсбоб0.00390.6922 days ago
40Котейказлой1143.88386.5022 days ago
41Мамарядом4.00385.3122 days ago
42Врывашка1182.59385.1922 days ago
43Скорпиусх0.00384.8822 days ago
44Айсняшка0.00384.3122 days ago
45Бущенныймонк285.30383.8822 days ago
46Некрофас4.33383.6322 days ago
47Хольда0.00383.3122 days ago
48Фанкисоулз0.00383.1922 days ago
49Тольдоу1162.51382.4422 days ago
50Явик0.00382.0622 days ago
51Исильм82.20381.8822 days ago
52Джас91.39380.1922 days ago
53Риави0.00380.1322 days ago
54Тольдовмр84.85379.6922 days ago
55Вуори395.32379.0622 days ago
56Игнатия0.00378.0022 days ago
57Йовик0.00377.6922 days ago
58Буйнс0.00376.5622 days ago
59Грешник0.00376.0022 days ago
60Клубничное1089.17375.8122 days ago
61Ликада0.00371.6322 days ago
62Лайтпиллар0.00370.9422 days ago
63Пьерец41.25370.6922 days ago
64Согдопь383.84367.0622 days ago
65Дарла0.00367.0622 days ago
66Футуре0.70366.1922 days ago
67Шиншам0.00362.9422 days ago
68Келарион0.82362.8822 days ago
69Риалкинг0.00362.3122 days ago
70Неотип56.69362.0622 days ago
71Шиндру0.00359.3122 days ago
72Фловер0.15357.6922 days ago
73Антиск0.00357.3122 days ago
74Иггушка0.00357.1922 days ago
75Рбгшалава0.00357.0022 days ago
76Бихевиоризм0.00355.9422 days ago
77Исильмао0.00351.9422 days ago
78Хуркель0.00351.8822 days ago
79Призыв0.83350.9422 days ago
80Озз0.86346.6922 days ago
81Слайфи0.00345.6922 days ago
82Исильмарх0.00341.8122 days ago
83Луккаш0.00339.5022 days ago
84Вальцовщик0.00334.3822 days ago
85Нейсх0.00330.8822 days ago
86Фемидушка0.00328.691 day ago
87Гаритопор0.00327.3122 days ago
88Рельфер0.00312.3822 days ago
89Йокогама0.00300.5022 days ago
90Жу0.00285.2522 days ago
91Апельсинкаа0.00282.4422 days ago
92Даенерис0.00280.1322 days ago
93Всёзловомне0.00267.6322 days ago
94Злюкавделе0.00265.7522 days ago
95Краайзи0.00256.3122 days ago

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