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Would you like to also update individual characters? (to update bosskill setup)

The characters have to have their profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Nihlaröne10129.46446.941 day ago
2Primacumba16371.23445.311 day ago
3Smønk18894.56445.251 day ago
4Blanketas26693.48445.251 day ago
5Ørn85.57444.631 day ago
6Sëyla18314.31444.311 day ago
7Guinaume239.22442.381 day ago
8Djrusard18894.56442.311 day ago
9Xenote17731.92442.311 day ago
10Rockly19450.93442.131 day ago
11Renew90.66441.811 day ago
12Lehlib15396.46441.811 day ago
13Redfoxone0.00441.631 day ago
14Phanttømy22117.57441.381 day ago
15Skÿwëst0.45441.191 day ago
16Itaba76.01440.941 day ago
17Libertyhkill18700.94440.811 day ago
18Gorcke18894.56440.501 day ago
19Valorîs18894.56439.941 day ago
20Nerfoniste18314.64439.691 day ago
21Egòótrip18894.56439.631 day ago
22Lingettdbain6165.24438.811 day ago
23Obeos332.04437.691 day ago
24Saitamayum380.32437.191 day ago
25Showlys96.14437.001 day ago
26Obeøsftw378.88436.941 day ago
27Näpölëôn280.39436.751 day ago
28Palazin6103.54436.501 day ago
29Blanketàs67.11436.311 day ago
30Bessx74.62435.881 day ago
31Bobylacasket64.66435.501 day ago
32Delkorz0.00435.191 day ago
33Helloimbøb19.35435.191 day ago
34Lôü17728.29435.001 day ago
35Djcorbeau21372.21434.941 day ago
36Mywmyw13.33434.561 day ago
37Lesmicard70.88433.941 day ago
38Ikkuy156.97432.131 day ago
39Bangawp16566.21431.501 day ago
40Kÿnae101.42431.381 day ago
41Jeanrogue449.83429.881 day ago
42Béth0.00427.941 day ago
43Pointvirgule343.65427.501 day ago
44Holydem0.00422.691 day ago
45Spikeweenx14.93419.191 day ago
46Störius446.34418.381 day ago
47Mythrà51.06417.881 day ago
48Hayté0.00417.691 day ago
49Predd64588.23416.751 day ago
50Phànttø5521.68415.751 day ago
51Illyathor446.34414.881 day ago
52Djeugeurz18894.56414.881 day ago
53Zougzoug5724.07413.631 day ago
54Nymphomoine4.48413.501 day ago
55Alàf369.64413.251 day ago
56Gultchoin6495.98412.941 day ago
57Yøujin0.44412.811 day ago
58Relient397.83412.561 day ago
59Yuyum0.00412.561 day ago
60Storiûs25972.13412.501 day ago
61Djlabaluche5521.68412.381 day ago
62Élïna49.80412.311 day ago
63Tromkha69730.38412.131 day ago
64Shouwa0.00411.811 day ago
65Varkéna363.04411.191 day ago
66Onlysmash446.34410.191 day ago
67Lucardo25.64409.251 day ago
68Vyncex0.00407.811 day ago
69Djlestrange369.64407.311 day ago
70Clodomagique426.40407.191 day ago
71Phàntto0.00407.061 day ago
72Edgyboi450.72407.001 day ago
73Unluckychall0.00407.001 day ago
74Koudkoudasse38.55406.811 day ago
75Smønkyboy348.41406.811 day ago
76Jajapal14.93406.131 day ago
77Akihitø0.00405.501 day ago
78Mâshallux0.00405.441 day ago
79Produquad0.00404.561 day ago
80Pýra0.00404.381 day ago
81Nardhuil346.80403.501 day ago
82Narnelly0.00403.311 day ago
83Güldy0.00400.631 day ago
84Djlovegood25.64398.251 day ago
85Alaje0.00397.881 day ago
86Elôweenx0.52397.811 day ago
87Bobylamachét0.00396.441 day ago
88Bobylapastek6502.88396.251 day ago
89Stombar59.50396.251 day ago
90Fuituclap0.00396.251 day ago
91Excro0.00395.811 day ago
92Djstorius6502.88395.691 day ago
93Mayodbain29.59389.561 day ago
94Pointtoufle25.64388.251 day ago
95Jeanbüscade0.00387.251 day ago
96Lïrcyne0.00386.381 day ago
97Saurcroc6502.88386.001 day ago
98Rorolegros0.00385.811 day ago
99Aýa25.64384.001 day ago
100Baluchôn25.64378.561 day ago
101Rÿsz452.17377.691 day ago
102Healadonf0.00376.691 day ago
103Margaretex0.00371.441 day ago
104Gilgamezhh0.00363.251 day ago
105Deüsvült0.00361.811 day ago

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