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Would you like to also update individual characters? (to update bosskill setup)

The characters have to have their profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Uruschi38763.48446.631 day ago
2Abeythu27764.27446.1322 hours ago
3Luckÿ32992.70444.501 day ago
4Dâhlyâ7243.80443.811 day ago
5Arlion15008.75443.751 day ago
6Wiedes25242.60443.001 day ago
7Hélløimtøxiç3914.38442.561 day ago
8Holicx33576.47442.381 day ago
9Tâshí27677.15442.311 day ago
10Bayzer28246.79441.751 day ago
11Tyrîâ8775.60441.751 day ago
12Xaylin26594.65440.381 day ago
13Vecora380.49440.251 day ago
14Jazzii33882.23438.881 day ago
15Tayrà13253.29438.811 day ago
16Pacifer228.77438.311 day ago
17Wiedesdudu280.69437.691 day ago
18Luckÿcx17653.81437.441 day ago
19Wiedesrog234.31437.001 day ago
20Ephinor0.00436.881 day ago
21Holicxwr79.68435.881 day ago
22Holicxdh257.21434.751 day ago
23Lioralina9653.77434.631 day ago
24Benío68.05434.561 day ago
25Cîllin77.70432.881 day ago
26Krátix74.40432.691 day ago
27Bayzermage69.58430.631 day ago
28Tírya40.85429.251 day ago
29Ayokha258.66428.501 day ago
30Ephillia14598.83426.751 day ago
31Drogania275.48425.061 day ago
32Luckydruid37.29424.941 day ago
33Meîstertot28.66424.881 day ago
34Ðrwho55.25422.811 day ago
35Bookofdrip50.98422.751 day ago
36Ralforion0.20422.561 day ago
37Notholicx352.12422.501 day ago
38Krimclaps77.70422.381 day ago
39Lilonê0.00420.631 day ago
40Codoc0.00420.251 day ago
41Icu0.00419.631 day ago
42Faelythea0.84418.501 day ago
43Paru448.00417.881 day ago
44Pineapplez424.85417.001 day ago
45Tyvaara0.63415.941 day ago
46Axelcute32525.19415.131 day ago
47Krimbold373.14415.061 day ago
48Idali0.00415.001 day ago
49Nuchan448.00413.561 day ago
50Inzánity448.00411.561 day ago
51Allüra61.10409.561 day ago
52Palightør0.00408.381 day ago
53Holicxblu3.70405.131 day ago
54Jayzî47.29402.751 day ago
55Tyrìan0.00402.191 day ago
56Rewa0.00402.001 day ago
57Threes26.20399.941 day ago
58Çrosis3158.16393.631 day ago
59Loonii0.00390.881 day ago
60Crorogue0.00389.501 day ago
61Erilania0.00389.251 day ago
62Mayomcmartin0.00388.561 day ago
63Rainforce48.05387.691 day ago
64Speci3158.16385.381 day ago
65Chilong3.27385.061 day ago
66Inzànity0.00379.881 day ago
67Tyranis0.11378.631 day ago
68Leafu0.00361.501 day ago
69Venøøm0.00359.191 day ago
70Puriest0.00340.381 day ago
71Acadía0.00335.381 day ago
72Exøødus0.00159.061 day ago

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