Guild has been added to queue, please check back the guild page later!

Would you like to also update individual characters? (to update bosskill setup)

The characters have to have their profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Luxx18202.68442.502 days ago
2Dronk18202.68442.382 days ago
3Noach18202.68441.632 days ago
4Zòncò18202.68440.942 days ago
5Dayfall18202.68440.632 days ago
6Katorie18120.13440.312 days ago
7Xelota18008.26440.002 days ago
8Schokostück18202.68439.692 days ago
9Emcee18008.26439.382 days ago
10Denpri18202.68438.562 days ago
11Floppydis18202.68438.252 days ago
12Kòdex17925.71437.692 days ago
13Ayterian18202.68437.562 days ago
14Ânonymus18202.68437.312 days ago
15Gáijin18008.26437.252 days ago
16Neerghorn6355.45436.632 days ago
17Scarecrówe378.76436.442 days ago
18Rìsa382.25436.192 days ago
19Giftnatter367.10436.002 days ago
20Throrîn18202.69435.387 days ago
21Blattfuß18120.13435.312 days ago
22Lêaper6075.61434.697 days ago
23Meisterwampe12238.05433.257 days ago
24Selreath18202.69432.947 days ago
25Ygsal18202.69432.637 days ago
26Floppyd355.41432.567 days ago
27Destragon88.80432.317 days ago
28Yain81.63432.257 days ago
29Medrucus96.64432.197 days ago
30Kazzooie6355.45431.062 days ago
31Mínala81.63428.067 days ago
32Keyfree37.53426.887 days ago
33Bobar59.91424.257 days ago
34Vanillelol0.36422.317 days ago
35Rokr423.03414.887 days ago
36Eldento0.00414.257 days ago
37Buffÿ596.74414.197 days ago
38Ilo0.24413.067 days ago
39Anonymus0.00410.197 days ago
40Viri0.00407.887 days ago
41Katti0.00405.817 days ago
42Aldentee45.96405.317 days ago
43Pewfire0.00403.637 days ago
44Serafinkaja0.00398.507 days ago
45Tramuntana0.00398.387 days ago
46Seerien0.00397.137 days ago
47Iridya0.84395.637 days ago
48Cyanda3.92393.947 days ago
49Dämmerblatt0.00391.817 days ago
50Mondtanz0.00380.197 days ago
51Giftyschnapi2.31376.317 days ago
52Gwynbleîdd596.74375.817 days ago
53Pureshadow0.00353.507 days ago
54Wowcow0.00346.887 days ago

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