Guild has been added to queue, please check back the guild page later!

Would you like to also update individual characters? (to update bosskill setup)

The characters have to have their profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Zelgraine308755.05302.1310 days ago
2Strandmuluku447415.44302.135 days ago
3Raibsen447415.44301.755 days ago
4Myrenâ447415.44301.755 days ago
5Selistine408530.25301.695 days ago
6Faverogue308755.05301.695 days ago
7Kaiiyuu250239.36301.385 days ago
8Vitheo308755.05301.385 days ago
9Muqqicraft414224.47301.3810 days ago
10Misriah308755.05301.0615 hours ago
11Alexariana250239.36300.945 days ago
12Blutduscher447415.44300.945 days ago
13Silum308755.05300.945 days ago
14Omnydk447415.44300.695 days ago
15Draxas447415.44300.502 days ago
16Dwarjin447415.44300.445 days ago
17Vevonix447415.44300.445 days ago
18Yunagi358653.23300.445 days ago
19Ðaîgoria308755.05300.255 days ago
20Hezy447415.44300.1310 days ago
21Reflucks447415.44299.695 days ago
22Tipsydh447415.44299.6310 days ago
23Vâlijana447415.44299.0010 days ago
24Vithrogue25.68298.695 days ago
25Nìshà20379.11298.632 days ago
26Xylodk187.69298.565 days ago
27Keinelust447415.44298.385 days ago
28Azíel250239.36296.445 days ago
29Fabbyy7579.17295.565 days ago
30Zelarn447415.44295.255 days ago
31Xylomonk259.80295.195 days ago
32Haleytwo0.00295.065 days ago
33Vithdruid0.00295.005 days ago
34Xylanto0.00294.815 days ago
35Kèyas447415.44294.135 days ago
36Itzhashamy150.00291.695 days ago
37Chloescott62077.09291.695 days ago
38Muqqilight89.23289.505 days ago
39Muqqy0.00288.255 days ago
40Ambr31533.60283.005 days ago
41Zellie48194.48282.385 days ago
42Zergat89.42282.385 days ago
43Velannara252.02281.635 days ago
44Xodên106.90278.385 days ago
45Zayjin39505.88278.065 days ago
46Vithshaman447415.44277.445 days ago
47Kéyas6536.60277.005 days ago
48Iliketotems89.65276.945 days ago
49Yepyepyep85.27276.6310 days ago
50Terlonar447415.44276.505 days ago
51Sprink86.72276.315 days ago
52Kihon447415.44275.945 days ago
53Catflix44.82274.565 days ago
54Zelie0.70267.255 days ago
55Itzhadh8563.59266.755 days ago
56Mahlea0.00258.565 days ago
57Xødén5.00258.1910 days ago
58Xoldoum49.07257.695 days ago
59Runenduscher97.57254.565 days ago
60Flippshaman70.56251.565 days ago
61Zelken357171.55251.1315 hours ago
62Illadrin0.00250.885 days ago
63Vnoz0.11248.635 days ago
64Zellii12494.10248.255 days ago
65Itzhadruid0.00232.195 days ago
66Yarleah0.00230.945 days ago
67Kilvin12494.10230.0010 days ago
68Lemonhezy0.00229.815 days ago
69Zelran0.00224.445 days ago
70Superrain0.00217.255 days ago
71Zarabrooks0.00215.315 days ago
72Sanyà0.00209.385 days ago
73Djiannji0.00--5 days ago

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