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Would you like to also update individual characters? (to update bosskill setup)

The characters have to have their profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Covas21405.54449.811 day ago
2Hestiia44451.53449.751 day ago
3Chrystàl45310.68448.001 day ago
4Tralias45143.45447.441 day ago
5Zudii44948.78446.441 day ago
6Môrphy44005.38446.311 day ago
7Myexstacy34457.28445.691 day ago
8Huepfi43592.18445.691 day ago
9Glevenkadse45310.69445.061 day ago
10Sickchoice26898.77444.191 day ago
11Earic41511.67444.131 day ago
12Razhana45310.70444.001 day ago
13Pelopriest39571.05443.631 day ago
14Pelô40451.54443.381 day ago
15Antagon39343.08443.311 day ago
16Imistyou22147.14443.251 day ago
17Zudoo13421.19443.251 day ago
18Belrûk44700.36443.061 day ago
19Zeraxxen4.22443.061 day ago
20Unnormaler8319.20442.941 day ago
21Todeshuuf28841.55442.691 day ago
22Lexibelle75.72442.191 day ago
23Brakus7356.02442.061 day ago
24Venno45310.66441.941 day ago
25Thalesha40318.38441.941 day ago
26Ðelete272.25441.811 day ago
27Vicom337.35441.811 day ago
28Gigaxd313.99441.501 day ago
29Williamferal12421.01441.441 day ago
30Cadiira18570.70441.381 day ago
31Tîqo43540.84441.001 day ago
32Ampére72.30440.881 day ago
33Dorsoduró45310.66440.811 day ago
34Aeric18054.92440.561 day ago
35Horný10435.02440.501 day ago
36Musî44948.78440.501 day ago
37Belahaze67.74440.441 day ago
38Belruklock306.92440.441 day ago
39Waterbarrel61.80440.311 day ago
40Flâkes79.32440.311 day ago
41Mdmage13673.67440.251 day ago
42Narkotíka353.84439.811 day ago
43Alphamonk31768.77439.691 day ago
44Ichmagpink44755.61439.631 day ago
45Razorrogue44923.51439.561 day ago
46Unnormale387.34439.501 day ago
47Exstacy13308.02439.381 day ago
48Delahaze44922.87439.251 day ago
49Orbshaman43843.97439.251 day ago
50Shaqur21232.88439.191 day ago
51Milkaholiker4081.07439.061 day ago
52Normale86.04438.751 day ago
53Ekstasê315.72438.691 day ago
54Ézekiel53.58438.441 day ago
55Emmatwatson77.42438.441 day ago
56Yunosee45310.70438.191 day ago
57Terrorzottel387.34438.061 day ago
58Assassean45143.48438.001 day ago
59Ðace37323.58438.001 day ago
60Móasta0.70437.881 day ago
61Ichkakfische5687.78437.881 day ago
62Icepickmage367.16437.881 day ago
63Springi81.66437.631 day ago
64Evidrel415.43437.561 day ago
65Wemmser81.66436.561 day ago
66Frichy43.12436.311 day ago
67Luxxy71.41436.251 day ago
68Gigamagexd326.92436.061 day ago
69Maitø333.76435.751 day ago
70Stormynator7018.54435.691 day ago
71Fîzzibubbele44.46435.631 day ago
72Zudrii258.67435.311 day ago
73Ðëmønhuntër71.78435.251 day ago
74Neverdps378.81435.191 day ago
75Maxqt412.57434.811 day ago
76Zazaaku12.95434.311 day ago
77Zyamos28841.55434.251 day ago
78Wheelchairx0.84433.811 day ago
79Ânathdra0.00432.811 day ago
80Enmadaio63.72432.691 day ago
81Ezwarrior0.00432.691 day ago
82Khalidra4100.70432.501 day ago
83Shaqura74.85432.191 day ago
84Daskoo404.87432.061 day ago
85Evilx39.60431.941 day ago
86Ulmi57.12431.561 day ago
87Cumbuster81.66431.441 day ago
88Chrystål69.84430.381 day ago
89Mowcowchao69.18430.131 day ago
90Fatbanana343.81430.061 day ago
91Moastà10.90429.941 day ago
92Dorso14.32429.881 day ago
93Sonarie371.51429.061 day ago
94Zanmatøu4.13428.751 day ago
95Hutchinson14.32428.691 day ago
96Makthun0.00427.441 day ago
97Skillcapped0.70426.881 day ago
98Mosdefknight83.10425.751 day ago
99Ebulla14.32425.561 day ago
100Chrystâl0.00425.251 day ago
101Zysho14.32424.311 day ago
102Antalock260.76424.061 day ago
103Bêlrukqt7356.02423.751 day ago
104Zyshu421.33423.691 day ago
105Fentura14.33423.631 day ago
106Itox12.40422.561 day ago
107Grommhuf0.00422.131 day ago
108Wtfisheal0.00421.561 day ago
109Alkazar441.38421.561 day ago
110Fiveyearold14.29421.251 day ago
111Ankhorman441.38419.441 day ago
112Elenóa0.00418.811 day ago
113Ézekíel44.46418.311 day ago
114Bonga441.48417.191 day ago
115Sylfarion4586.30416.691 day ago
116Narkotík0.90416.311 day ago
117Onixen0.78416.191 day ago
118Hellonora0.00415.381 day ago
119Deadlyhunta0.00415.191 day ago
120Ogando434.66414.881 day ago
121Sevan6189.08414.691 day ago
122Hárle67777.75413.691 day ago
123Piklol3.25413.631 day ago
124Ibeamyou7433.43413.561 day ago
125Koghul333.09413.441 day ago
126Tanwater426.31413.251 day ago
127Pelot0.00412.941 day ago
128Mêrowinger446.47412.811 day ago
129Healshampoo12623.33412.381 day ago
130Chilatte0.15412.061 day ago
131Pik0.84411.811 day ago
132Bärböl7047.14411.561 day ago
133Derlaunetrol20425.91411.061 day ago
134Tröst68.53410.881 day ago
135Khâra0.98410.381 day ago
136Siladina7214.58410.061 day ago
137Throbbinhood0.00409.811 day ago
138Barthás7080.96408.501 day ago
139Belrukdk443.08408.441 day ago
140Çhrystal7325.31408.131 day ago
141Harlê7325.31407.941 day ago
142Docdotd62.48407.881 day ago
143Trixieqt14.32407.751 day ago
144Gigaqt7224.78407.561 day ago
145Harlékin6779.85407.311 day ago
146Bruchpelot0.00406.501 day ago
147Rhazun0.00406.381 day ago
148Nîveauvoll14595.22405.061 day ago
149Blûbby506.12405.001 day ago
150Psuchawrl65.40402.941 day ago
151Evilxo0.00401.381 day ago
152Zuuling58.85400.501 day ago
153Durael0.00398.631 day ago
154Chrÿstãl0.00395.941 day ago
155Tanjín0.00394.191 day ago
156Bbqnibbamage0.00392.381 day ago
157Drinkadin6796.54391.691 day ago
158Zibbit713.11388.941 day ago
159Orbdruid0.00388.191 day ago
160Orbpala0.00385.881 day ago
161Yunotank14.82385.191 day ago
162Jaekill51655.16384.751 day ago
163Gz0.00384.251 day ago
164Anokí2187.83383.131 day ago
165Zyagor0.00382.631 day ago
166Piklawl0.00380.751 day ago
167Raazzor435.27378.061 day ago
168Marlum0.00377.061 day ago
169Chrýstâl25.10376.881 day ago
170Yooh732.55376.441 day ago
171Madden0.70375.131 day ago
172Saionara0.00374.631 day ago
173Nìveaulos7081.51374.191 day ago
174Grandcru2121.09373.941 day ago
175Woakka1.05372.751 day ago
176Crandall0.00367.191 day ago
177Razzee0.00361.941 day ago
178Razormage0.00361.561 day ago
179Razormonk0.00361.501 day ago
180Ôpe1471.52361.441 day ago
181Racor0.00359.311 day ago
182Icepick7.67357.881 day ago
183Âttack0.00357.191 day ago
184Raycee0.00352.881 day ago
185Rexigor0.00351.631 day ago
186Razorhunt0.00349.501 day ago
187Dntcare4.35349.251 day ago
188Jaekillx0.00347.311 day ago
189Chrýstál0.00346.501 day ago
190Biaz0.00345.381 day ago
191Racii0.00344.441 day ago
192Wickéed0.00342.691 day ago
193Scruju0.00340.881 day ago
194Whysosrs0.00340.251 day ago
195Kothun0.00331.001 day ago
196Aurîs0.00329.251 day ago
197Blacks0.00316.631 day ago
198Vadras0.00315.131 day ago
199Blàckstár0.00304.061 day ago
200Pgando0.00303.811 day ago
201Grapekrush235.33294.191 day ago
202Tohnak0.00265.001 day ago
203Exstacyhunt0.08242.001 day ago

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