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Would you like to also update individual characters? (to update bosskill setup)

The characters have to have their profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Shîzuu42679.88448.311 day ago
2Kelinêya42872.58448.001 day ago
3Cøca12818.58447.561 day ago
4Snýph41405.46447.381 day ago
5Kiwicookie20293.97447.061 day ago
6Huntshoo15281.71446.941 day ago
7Phyrexiana42872.58446.751 day ago
8Dreamway28.36446.131 day ago
9Xetyar9971.46446.131 day ago
10Zulkàn35820.79446.131 day ago
11Mizubizi22695.44446.131 day ago
12Bellatrice38603.18445.691 day ago
13Nyjone27304.93445.691 day ago
14Sýntax42706.95445.501 day ago
15Sýntáx13983.18444.941 day ago
16Ergonaut42872.58444.881 day ago
17Izudrekthar42706.95444.561 day ago
18Leixía14903.20444.561 day ago
19Oßerst38848.69443.941 day ago
20Marakrall13983.18443.811 day ago
21Ergonat17899.74443.441 day ago
22Png38825.99443.311 day ago
23Grippelchen13334.28443.311 day ago
24Xiansho12397.52443.251 day ago
25Delyani25749.43443.061 day ago
26Éden42872.58443.001 day ago
27Xianshu30606.72443.001 day ago
28Kelineyâ15568.52442.941 day ago
29Joeywheeler42872.58442.691 day ago
30Gromx42679.88442.441 day ago
31Édèn17318.18442.131 day ago
32Anotherkeli375.44442.131 day ago
33Lingpls13983.18442.061 day ago
34Varexian10219.11441.941 day ago
35Mìdway282.10441.751 day ago
36Brutim15624.27441.751 day ago
37Zencore42872.58441.691 day ago
38Neels3742.06441.501 day ago
39Delyan41938.49441.311 day ago
40Tørtura28103.97441.311 day ago
41Fanthamkrall33936.14441.251 day ago
42Hornling11539.61441.131 day ago
43Lirí31442.30441.061 day ago
44Joeypriester15568.52441.001 day ago
45Erwen11704.17440.691 day ago
46Cîro10482.54440.501 day ago
47Elohie13451.34440.501 day ago
48Itzasac362.09440.251 day ago
49Saevi38793.59440.191 day ago
50Liriellá40907.10440.191 day ago
51Dizlx0.00440.131 day ago
52Aserik33364.37440.061 day ago
5325.77440.001 day ago
54Fritte27767.77439.381 day ago
55Djinaah42265.04439.251 day ago
56Itzahot13.32438.691 day ago
57Syntaxexe223.70438.631 day ago
58Lockway0.00438.191 day ago
59Indilia16404.55438.131 day ago
60Elohîe33743.88438.131 day ago
61Verada39.57437.881 day ago
62Asgàr26403.27437.881 day ago
63Trodutim26.54436.691 day ago
64Jwheeler363.75436.441 day ago
65Sebfury42.76436.191 day ago
66Édén7817.72435.131 day ago
67Sebshadow28507.08434.942 days ago
68Trúnxz0.00434.752 days ago
69Dendorian362.09434.692 days ago
70Zenkin24622.92434.192 days ago
71Nakdrakda89.81434.062 days ago
72Gromii66.83433.882 days ago
73Kelicouco12818.58433.502 days ago
74Gromara25782.43433.132 days ago
75Delyanclap67.62433.062 days ago
76Voder7817.72433.001 day ago
77Shamlos362.09432.752 days ago
78Delares282.10432.692 days ago
79Yûkkî315.53432.562 days ago
80Anuksunamun0.00432.066 days ago
81Sjokkz22177.03431.886 days ago
82Elcy14519.06431.566 days ago
83Cerdan0.00431.506 days ago
84Shizzuki85.52431.446 days ago
85Resuz38.02430.696 days ago
86Kisâra14904.02430.566 days ago
87Hillko68.30430.066 days ago
88Vesowlz446.47429.886 days ago
89Jaylock273.80427.196 days ago
90Petraax61.83426.196 days ago
91Gromymatrix13402.25425.816 days ago
92Papataly383.17425.506 days ago
93Aseris212.05425.446 days ago
94Kelimanjaro14.67424.886 days ago
95Teamona6116.74424.696 days ago
96Delyâni43.15424.316 days ago
97Impressíon2.83423.066 days ago
98Ergodan272.06422.636 days ago
99Kaysie0.00420.946 days ago
100Zenvi13.11420.446 days ago
101Clapway6633.19418.566 days ago
102Uktumuktu272.06418.386 days ago
103Delyaní7021.58417.696 days ago
104Traincløud18.64417.446 days ago
105Cheora446.47417.446 days ago
106Charter62623.89416.446 days ago
107Aspexian318.58416.136 days ago
108Diashot13.49415.946 days ago
109Éxlêss446.47415.946 days ago
110Stabway6353.07415.696 days ago
111Indíría0.00415.446 days ago
112Cheola14.11415.006 days ago
113Chartér434.77414.886 days ago
114Aecho446.47414.886 days ago
115Asûnayuuki4.07414.446 days ago
116Delyanî12821.51414.136 days ago
117Djenaa0.55413.886 days ago
118Neylariá14.77413.256 days ago
119Chizeps5801.65413.256 days ago
120Elledriver0.00413.136 days ago
121Donbausi6880.08412.256 days ago
122Índiria446.47412.136 days ago
123Lirï7158.04411.756 days ago
124Benthee13209.90411.696 days ago
125Kelinaut6074.93411.316 days ago
126Nitafanya0.52410.946 days ago
127Exlêss12599.51410.386 days ago
128Jaylaw423.08410.136 days ago
129Dkdnt6310.24409.566 days ago
130Alcatruz0.00409.316 days ago
131Kresszentia0.00409.316 days ago
132Èdèn6353.07409.136 days ago
133Tamahli12821.51408.196 days ago
134Nazhrulx5911.33408.136 days ago
135Zenkhu13209.90407.506 days ago
136Tazrakahl5727.23407.446 days ago
137Dreamawake6411.19407.256 days ago
138Xaayy34614.39407.196 days ago
139Zenzor5740.82406.196 days ago
140Indiría7021.58402.066 days ago
141Delyanshot0.00400.136 days ago
142Gromani622.16399.696 days ago
143Dartheden0.00397.006 days ago
144Braevius1354.90396.386 days ago
145Saeki965.68395.566 days ago
146Rêysha4.30394.006 days ago
147Vesulx0.00392.816 days ago
148Châpp1354.90392.066 days ago
149Kissira0.00390.316 days ago
150Drsalty0.00389.506 days ago
151Fatîmalol6353.07388.506 days ago
152Edhen0.00388.446 days ago
153Colourwave14.37387.386 days ago
154Erikzwurgel2807.44383.696 days ago
155Elisaar4.18383.636 days ago
156Vivíella0.55383.636 days ago
157Zappiestboii2609.36381.506 days ago
158Chocodruid437.32381.386 days ago
159Kîwîcookîe6131.22380.816 days ago
160Coopcoop1277.26380.066 days ago
161Silla3057.85379.386 days ago
162Xaay4475.22379.196 days ago
163Sublements3296.35377.566 days ago
164Unviabling1354.90375.636 days ago
165Jjune0.00374.696 days ago
166Nazruhl521.58372.196 days ago
167Kuhbit0.00372.136 days ago
168Cinthiâ1238.22370.256 days ago
169Gamn22.53368.386 days ago
170Foodz1471.30367.136 days ago
171Kónfíx65.88366.066 days ago
172Bärtera42.99351.386 days ago
173Xeek167.29348.756 days ago
174Réysha0.00348.696 days ago
175Frittbomb0.00344.636 days ago
176Recòn26.15333.816 days ago
177Caapp0.00291.756 days ago
178Jaymage0.00278.816 days ago
179Zublöd0.00259.946 days ago
180Kâyleitha0.00152.136 days ago

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